Lost Planet 2 Patch Available Now on Xbox LIVE

The Lost Planet 2 patch Capcom revealed last week is now live for Snow Pirates on the Xbox 360. There have been some minor and major changes based on the feed back from the fans. For instance, the sprint is now even faster. As well as other changes like if you die at a boss fight you don't have to start that whole mission over. Instead, you can jump right back at the boss battle.

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basicsameh5143110d ago

they can make as many patches as they want its not going to fix the game

Pennywise3110d ago

Did they patch it so I don't feel dirty and used after I play it?

Anon19743110d ago

At least they're not just abandoning it. Gotta give Capcom credit for that.

Still, looks pretty much neck and neck with Alan Wake in terms of sales on the 360.

I just gotta come out and say it. Come one, 360 owners! Alan Wake is a great game! Why the hell are you people buying mediocre crap when excellent games languish on the shelves. Step up!

Fred-G-Sanford3110d ago

I'm playing this game right now, and I'm trying to decide how much more of it I want to play.

The whole thing is rather "meh".
It feels like a game that was developed by people who had no passion for it.

The first one was a much better game, in my opinion.

dizzleK3110d ago

there's absolutely nothing wrong with this game, it's one of the most fun and creative titles i've played in ages. after i beat it i immediately started up another play through, i haven't done that with any game.

Kingdom Come3110d ago

No amounts of Patches can fix this title...

Myst3110d ago

I don't see why people are crying many of the faults that were in the game have been fixed in a way in this update. For instance the run is now better and I can at least get 6 sometimes 7 more boxes than the previous [just by running alone.]

The AI now corresponds with the difficulty which previously it did not which is welcomed. Easy felt like easy and same goes with hard.

Most of the things people cried about have been fixed, there are still a few things but I'd assume they are going to work on those as well [maybe?]. The only thing missing is some kind of Akrid and G-Ranked Akrid Gauntlet/survival type of mode.

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The story is too old to be commented.