Dell Makes It Clear That PSPgo is Only worth $150

Dell is not shy about offering the white PSPgo for only $150 right now. With E3 2010 days away, Dell may know something we don’t, but $150 might get somebodies attention.

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himdeel3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

...I hope one of two things happen. Either the Go has a permanent price drop to $150 and the 3000 drops down to $99.


They announce PSP2 at E3 and it rocks my socks off.

The prospect of a PSP2 has always made me cautious of purchasing a SONY handheld right now.

ballsofsteel3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

agree with the PSP2 part. I'm now debating between an ipod touch and PSP and right now it's ipod touch mainly because i don't know when the PSP2 will come out. However i do think that sony has to rethink the whole idea behind the PSP. the current PSP's are about taking consoles games and making them into portable games. While this sounds great i think they're missing the main idea of portable gaming. portable games should be mainly pick up an play type affairs. While there still is a place for games like MGS peacewalker i don't think the entire system should be built around those types of games. also PSP2 need to launch at $200 max

peeps3112d ago

"I'm now debating between an ipod touch and PSP and right now it's ipod touch mainly because i don't know when the PSP2 will come out."

it depends what you're after more, a multimedia device or gaming device. psp for gaming and ipod for music and movies on the move imo + good for smaller games like card games, puzzle games etc

Hideo_Kojima3112d ago

I think it is nice that PSP games have a similar structure to main console games they give you the ability to put the game to standby anyway.

They should however appeal more to the casuals who probably wouldnt like main console games anyway.

FragGen3112d ago

@peeps: Totally agree. Barring a PSP2 which would be obvious win, the PSP vs iPod Touch debate comes down to what you want the device for... The PSP blows away my smartphone(s) for games whereas anything involving internet/communications or as a music player, the Smartphone/touch wins. Hopefully a PSP2 would PWN in both areas.

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ShinMaster3113d ago

The sales prices is $150 but it shows the MSRP of $250 still.
If it didn't, then it could be a very good clue to a new PSP... :P

OhReginald3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

when I add it to my cart it says the price is $250.

EDIT: nevermind the discounts show up when you get to the checkout


darkdoom30003112d ago

Congrats bro! Im a fellow GO! owner.

It's an awesome device, It's actually portable for once, I have it with me at all times and not even realise. It's slightly heavier than my phone and lighter than my wallet.

My old PSP could only fit inside my big pockets, and even when it was, I could always feel it.

Sitris3112d ago

What happens if they announce a PSP2 at e3 in like 4 days? Might have been better to wait. But then again i have a PSP from launch, which is the heaviest, clunkiest and downright useless of all the PSPs, the go is the best, but still. You couldn't wait for 4 days to be sure!

OhReginald3111d ago

Well Im sure they will annouce the psp2, but its probably not going to be released until next year, and i realllllly want to play mgs: peace walker.

Keele3112d ago

Sony - Ripping people off since.. god knows when.

LordMarius3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

So I'm guessing by tomorrow you will be at one bubble

N4BmpS3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

I disagree I have a very good Sony TV that still works (pretty old). and my PSOne still works so I say they're both worth it. I don't ripped of is what I'm saying.

phinch3112d ago

it's better that buying cheap crap which breaks all the time right?

bunfighterii3112d ago

Sony is expensive, but like everything you get what you pay for. They make some of the best quality consumer electronics out there.

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Chicago85063112d ago

I've been predicting a price cut on the PSPGo over a month ago..

I'm still sticking by that, come E3..

From what I've been reading..PSPGO has not been selling well...that's more than enough reason to drop the price.

$50 cheaper than a PS3?
What tha heck was Sony thinking?

We're not going to see a PSP2 at E3 ppl..
there's 3 Series of PSP's already..and the PSPGo..

Sony is not going to piss money away on "ANOTHER" handheld.

Personally..I'd pay money on (Heavenly Sword 2) before I get another PSP..I already have a PSP2000...

So make it happen Sony...
Game on!

ArcFatalix3112d ago

why the fuck did you price it higher.

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