PS Blog: Introducing MotorStorm Apocalypse

Matt Southern, Game Director at Evolution Studios, writes:

"More than two years ago we decided where the MotorStorm festival should head next, and I’ve been itching to talk about it ever since. Now, as part of the global announcement, and with E3 just around the corner, it’s so exciting to finally be able to share some information about the MotorStorm Apocalypse."

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scruffy_bear3113d ago

Not only do we get a new Motorstorm game but we also get Dreamcast games too

Chubear3113d ago

Motorstorm1: not much variety 7.9/10
Motorstorm2: (lot of variety) 8/10
Motorstorm3: ...8.1/10


BubbleSystemSuck3113d ago

who cares "journalism" reviews?

i just care personal opinion.

young juice3113d ago

hopefully we get more 'deatails' on the dreamcast games too

HolyOrangeCows3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

"I wonder, what's gamespot going to rate this one?"
Depends how much advertisement space they buy.

Now we just need a Resistance 3 announcement :)

NeoBasch3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

Doubt it. For once, I'm incredibly excited for a racer. More so than Gran Turismo 5. People have always attributed gaming to passing time. It's sad really. This is probably the only reason gaming hasn't advanced as rapidly over the last ten years as it is now. With Uncharted 2, people began to realize gaming wasn't about alleviating boredom. It's about the experience.

Evolution Studios has nailed it. It took them three iterations, but they nailed it this time. Three campaigns, one for each difficulty, that's f#cking brilliant! It encourages replay value. Each character will have a different story to tell; a different experience to partake in. I'm so excited for this game. The single player alone sounds magnificent.

At first when I read the previews and press releases, I was a little turned off. It was weird hearing Southern talk about story and experience in a racer. But I realize that is because we've never had anything like this before. I don't expect the story to be spellbinding or something, but I expect the experience will be extraordinary.

For once, I'll be there day one for MotorStorm. The Apocalypse can't come soon enough. Also, the Wreckreation mode sounds awesome!

EDIT: Oh yeah, completely forgot about the 3D. What more could a gamer ask for? Somehow, this just catapulted into my Top 5 most anticipated games. Bravo, Evolution! Now, I just need to save up a ridiculous amount of money to afford one of those nice 3D HDTVs. I'm going to be so broke this holiday. :(

Blacktric3112d ago


8.2? Lmao. BTW judging from the screens it looks great.

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Darkstorn3113d ago

I'm excited for this, and I'm happy they're not abandoning splitscreen play.

FantasyStar3113d ago

Now, if only we can get some LAN play...

WhittO3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Cant believe the amount of features:

- 4 Player PSN Login/Split-screen with Guest Login too
- Create mode creator
- Custom Soundtracks
- Home Support
- Every vehicle in Pacific Rift + 5 More!

Not to mention the setting looks amazing, will be so amazing to be in a tense race with a city collapsing around you! That alone is worth the purchase lol

Puts some other Devs to shame in what they are too lazy to include (like different PSN Logins etc).

Independent_Charles3113d ago

thereshoud be more action involved with the maps in my opinion. like massive cliffs falling down randomly for example

Blaze9293113d ago

"The city will be constantly ripping apart during races and paths will open up or be cut off forcing players to think fast and use different routes through the course. "

Looks and sounds like what Blackrock Studio had going on for their game Split/Second....just sayin'

TotalPS3Fanboy3112d ago

Blackrock Studio had the right idea. But Evolution perfected it.

Just like Kill Switch had the right idea about a Cover System, but Gears perfected it.

Greywulf3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Yet hes the same guy that thinks Gears is amazing for a borrowed cover system..

Forza is amazing for Grids rewind feature & shifts tire flex..

Halo is amazing for copying Unreal....

etc etc.

Them blinders be amazin!

Split Second is multiplatform garbage, as usual, that doesn't have half the features Motorstorm 1 had, let alone 2.

vhero3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Honestly I can say this game is gonna be huge the other 2 seem like stepping stones for this.. They were unique indeed but moving to the city and what they done with it... Amazing! It is gonna blow people away I think I am gonna get this one. I didn't like the first but I really like the look of this one. The graphics look awesome and with the customization... Well it's not as in depth as Forza but not everybody can use all those tools anyways and prefers to download. I love the share designs feature! It was the one thing I loved about Forza to be honest.

Ravage273112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Not sure what you are trying to achieve with that comparison but i'll just remind you of the fact that development of Motorstorm Apocalypse started 2 years ago....

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iHEARTboobs3113d ago

Sounds awesome once again. Love the new stuff they have going on.

Lunatics Unite!

Commander TK3112d ago

Resistance 3 announced b4. They should at least keep one game secret

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mrv3213113d ago

'Massive vehicle customisation. Change vinyls, vehicle parts, vehicle shapes and more. Upload them to the community site and share them with others. They automatically work on all vehicle types, and include your PSN ID.'

Hopefully ModNationRacers level of decal.

fire233113d ago

:), man this create play share thing is really becoming something amazing

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi__3113d ago

SONY are giving me a NEW PS3 Exclusive game!!! ;-P

The_Zeitgeist3113d ago

Just wait till E3 man. They have something huge up their sleeves.

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Shang-Long3113d ago

soo many games so little money

trounbyfire3113d ago

not are. why would you say are

Shang-Long3113d ago

you know i read his/her comment and my eyes saw "are' but in my head i read it with "Is"

Commander TK3112d ago

Sony is not just one person

3112d ago
vhero3112d ago

MS can't even name a real Exclusive for every month and Sony banging them out like they going out of fashion.. MS I think are still putting all there money on NATAL Sony are counting on 1st party exclusives with MOVE as backup.. I know what I would put my money on..

darkdoom30003112d ago

Yeah, what the hell? It's awesome for sony fans, game after game after game.

-God of War: ghost of sparta
-Infamous 2
-Motorstorm 3

Im sure im missing something.

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''Sixteen player online multiplayer.
Four player split-screen.
Combinations of the two. Play with three friends in the living room against 12 more online.
Massive vehicle customisation. Change vinyls, vehicle parts, vehicle shapes and more. Upload them to the community site and share them with others. They automatically work on all vehicle types, and include your PSN ID.
Vehicle perks. Modify your handling, boosting and offensive abilities as you unlock new perks.
A wealth of rankings to progess through online with associated rewards and recognition.
Stacks of online rewards to earn and persistent progress giving the most determined and successful racers the status and recognition they deserve.
Persistent matchmaking. Keep your party together throughout your gaming session.
A Game Mode Creator. From a completely blank canvas you can design your own game rules and victory conditions, play them online, and incorporate them into tournaments.''

Pure win.

bjornbear3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

that sounds absolutely insane, im literally more hyped for Motorstorm than almost any other game now o.O, and i didn't even think much of the other games (loved the gameplay but they seemed lacking in content =( )

pure epic win

rezzah3113d ago

Theyre adding everything into this, the graphics already look great from what ive seen. Cant wait for this to come out.

fire233113d ago

and 1080P now according to the interview

raztad3113d ago

1080p really? which interview is that?, I'd like to read it.

mimizone3113d ago

the developer says it in this video a bit after 11min50s

nanometric3113d ago

And here I thought that my only racer this gen will be GT5, but after reading this I just can't pass this up. Too much awsomeness.

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