Videogamer: DJ Hero 2 First Look Preview

Videogamer writes: "There's a man on stage. He's dancing about, nodding his head and twiddling the knobs on the turntable in front on him. His face is obscured by a large cardboard globe with a face painted on it and two smaller discs protruding from the sides - creating a crude effigy of a rodent. If you're a complete stranger to the world of electronic music, you might think that he was the host of some cut-rate kids' TV show - or perhaps the lead actor in an amateur dramatics production of An American Tail. But it's not: it's someone gleefully pretending to be Deadmau5 - Toronto's pre-eminent purveyor of stomping electro-house. And the man behind the mask is a very happy Jamie Jackson, Creative director at FreeStyle games."

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