Final Fantasy Just Can't Compete With Dragon Quest

A poll was recently conducted in Japan which simply asked "which is your favourite Square Enix franchise?" The most common answer was Dragon Quest, with Final Fantasy sitting pretty in second position. Dragon Quest received almost 1/3 of all the votes, while Final Fantasy obtained just over 1/5.

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Hardedge3114d ago

I thought KH would fair about the same as FF, that's pretty surprising.

GWAVE3114d ago

Funny....Dragon Quest wasn't even a Squaresoft franchise. It was Final Fantasy's main competitor over at Enix.


Enix = Dragon Quest

Squaresoft = Final Fantasy

People have always been bashing the merger, yet Dragon Quest has always remained an amazing franchise, with its recant games. Final Fantasy on the hand has been failing.

mephman3114d ago

Yea, I still think it's quite comical that their informational games were more popular than Kingdom Hearts.

ShawnCollier3114d ago

Man, Japan sure does love their Dragon Quest.

Selyah3114d ago

Not overly surprising when looking at Japan.

jammers3114d ago

Haha, welcome to Japan.

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The story is too old to be commented.