Power Button - Episode 12: Junking The Press Junkets And Beating The Bribes With Dan "Shoe" Hsu

Suppose you have a new video game to promote. What's the best way to get the attention of the media? You could issue a press release, send out a review copy, or fly a pre-screened group of certain media personalities to a grand resort on some tropical island somewhere where you'll fill them full of liquor & compliments before stuffing their pockets with cash to spend on the local entertainment. What's wrong with this picture? On this episode of Power Button, friend of the show Dan "Shoe" Hsu of Bitmob discusses the oft-cozy relationship between public relations and the media. They cover when a company crosses the line, cite examples of egregious behavior, explore internal company policies, tell stories about betting on horse racing, and then decide once and for all how far is too far in the news and promotion business.

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