PlayStation Move More Appealing to Females, finds Study

Next week's E3 show should be quite interesting as both Microsoft and Sony jockey for top position in the high-definition motion control space. Both motion platforms seem to be an attempt to broaden the respective installed bases with more casual players, and perhaps one or both can entice some Wii owners to upgrade to a high-definition console. Interestingly, when it comes to attracting the female audience (an audience that's crucial on Wii), Sony's PlayStation Move seems to have the edge.

According to new research conducted by OTX's GamePlan Insights, gamers who plan to purchase Natal tend to be younger than those who plan to buy Move (an average age of 25 for Natal compared to 28 for Move). Additionally, Move intenders are more likely to be female (30% of intenders, compared to 20% of Natal intenders). OTX noted that these age and gender trends "are in line with other demographic data showing that Move intenders are more likely to be parents than their Natal counterparts."

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Milky Joe2957d ago

I'm not going to make a sex joke.

commodore642956d ago

No need for a joke.
Just two words:

Marital Aid.

knight6262957d ago

beat me to it was about to say least move gives more pleasure than natal

Chris3992957d ago


I'll be here all week folks, enjoy your dinner!

Redrum0592956d ago

U guys r killing me.
Bubbles to u above me.

Joule2957d ago

"PlayStation Move More Appealing to Females, finds Study"

I wonder why

Snakefist302956d ago

Maybe They Gonna Use Like U No.The Thing!!! On There V

SixZeroFour2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

i was just gunna say...

i wonder why? *concentrates on image of ps move*


EDIT: shoulda read the thread before posting lol...sorry El Jugador

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Titanz2957d ago

I bet it is( Wink,wink!).

Keele2956d ago

Females play the Ps3? This is news to me. Last time I saw what was going on in the Second Life console version, it was some desperate dudes chasing other desperate dudes.

ClownBelt2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

I don't find this surprising if ya know what I mean. *wink* XD

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