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StixRemix3049d ago

Gotta love Atlus. Looks like some solid content.

WildArmed3049d ago

w/o 3D dot hereos 2 the line up looks empty lol

Or demon Souls (even though they were just the publishers in US)

Trine wasn't really my thing.
was fun, but lacking at the same time.

ShinMaster3049d ago

I wants my Persona 5! :D haha

ClownBelt3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

Ok this is the second wtf? No persona 5? If Valkyrie Profile don't get announce this E3 then this will be the worst E3 for me ever.

Why wouldn't they?

TheoreticalParticle3049d ago

Why would Atlus USA be the people to break the news of Persona 5? If Persona 5's coming out, it's going to be announced by the Japan office, and there's a 99% chance it's getting announced via Famitsu leak.

Homicide3049d ago

Atlus USA are just publishers of the series. Besides, we're getting Persona 3 Portable next month. That should keep you busy until Atlus reveals the next SMT game.

Double Toasted3049d ago

And the 360 won't get this one either, huh?

xHarvey3049d ago

How much is Trine? I remember not picking it up because of the price.

SilverSlug3049d ago

But has a plat.

It was on sell one week for 10 bucks, I regret not getting it :(

Chubear3049d ago

Think it's $14.99 now on PSN

guitarded773049d ago

Yeah, it's $14.99 now with a permanent price drop... Excellent game, I really enjoyed it.

Qui-Gon Jim3049d ago

I did pick it up when it was $10, and it's a really good little game. Definitely worth the $10, and certainly a worth-while purchase at $15 or even $20.

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