Mania: Lost Planet 2 Review

Mania: The tag line to Lost Planet 2 is “Kill Big!’ Unfortunately this doesn’t necessarily translate into as some poor level designs, clumsy controls, and terrible AI in solo play sucks a lot of fun out of the game.

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GWAVE3113d ago

And to think that some fanboys were saying "OMG! It looks as good as Uncharted 2!!!"

Myst3113d ago

I think a C to C+ is about where I'd put this game to. I mean the level transitions is okay, but some levels were like a minute tops and wasn't really needed.

Controls are even worse after playing RDR [I threw so many grenades trying to figure out how to get my weapon ready...]

Still needs an Akrid gauntlet. I heard it was in the first one and if so why would they take it out since it was stated as being the best menu of the whole game.