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D4RkNIKON2960d ago

Awesome. Yeah Sony wants to steal the show before it even starts haha

nix2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

ok.. now that's the 4th game they've shown so far!!! HA HA HA...
LBP2, KZ3, Infamous 2 and now Motorstorm 3!!!

this month has been one explosive one!!!

EDUT: yup. i forgot that too.. thanks young-juice. q:

MasFlowKiller2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

god of war ghost of sparta forgetting

I know its a PSP game but still its a big announcement they could have held for E3

karl2960d ago

there are so many exclusives that we can hardly remember them all

Chubear2960d ago

there's also MAG's ALL THREE FACTIONS ON ONE MAP DLC coming out in the Fall too. There's an article on N4G about it but it's only got 20degree heat so no one knows about it on here.

So much gaming so little time.

Now I understand about weapons in Motorstorm3. They aren't shooting weapons but badassed melee weapons. SUWEET! I was worried there for a sec

deafwing2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

but a lot of the titles have numbers (roman or Arabic) after them so in a way we all kind of expected them.

what I'm looking forward to are new intellectual properties (exclusive/not) from Sony, and/or, XBox. I gave up on Nintendo because they are so hush hush about everything that it seems useless to speculate.

gaffyh2960d ago

Ok so Sony is either insane or VERY confident to announce all these games before E3. Can't wait for MS3, sounds great.

blusoops2960d ago

Day one for me definitely!!!
It'll have 3 different difficulty levels....each with their own unique character, which also intertwine as the campaign progress!

It's like there's gonna be a story mode or something. Sounds very exciting

Needless to say...grafix look insane!!

TotalPS3Fanboy2960d ago

I can see the headlines now: "Adrenaline Rush from Apocalyse Gives Gamers Heart Attack."

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deadreckoning6662960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

Nice. I need a job!

@Al Bundy- Just read the preview...Day 1 buy for me as well. I LOVE arcade racers and this one looks like its truly pushing the power of the PS3.

WildArmed2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

I bought the first motorstorm, skipped the next two (PS3 and PSP one)
This one, I'll have to buy.
The fact it's in an urban environment puts this on top of my most wanted racing game.
correction: -arcadey- racing game (b4 the Gran Trismo fans kill me)

Damn I can't wait!

I wonder what cards sony plans to keep to their chests.. I think they just showed a full house....

Stinkinmushroom2960d ago

This looks really awesome! Day one as well

Kain812960d ago

²You'll even be able to create your own custom race types with unique rules and triggered events to upload and share with the online community."


Kain812960d ago

* Sixteen player online multiplayer.
* Four player split-screen.
* Combinations of the two. Play with three friends in the living room against 12 more online.

* Massive vehicle customisation. Change vinyls, vehicle parts, vehicle shapes and more. Upload them to the community site and share them with others. They automatically work on all vehicle types, and include your PSN ID.

* Vehicle perks. Modify your handling, boosting and offensive abilities as you unlock new perks.

* A wealth of rankings to progess through online with associated rewards and recognition.

* Stacks of online rewards to earn and persistent progress giving the most determined and successful racers the status and recognition they deserve.

* Persistent matchmaking. Keep your party together throughout your gaming session.

* A Game Mode Creator. From a completely blank canvas you can design your own game rules and victory conditions, play them online, and incorporate them into tournaments.

GeneralCole2960d ago

Holy Shit! So play, create, share is coming to MS?

sikbeta2960d ago

WOOHOO!!! Awesome News, Day One for sure, This Game will be Awesome...

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saint_john_paul_ii2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

LMAO WTH how many games does sony have left for E3?

and yes Day 1 for me as well!

Petro892960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

Killzone 3
inFamous 2
MotorStorm: Apocalypse

Next up: Starhawk! ^^

MexicanAppleThief2960d ago

yes! Yes! YES!!! YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!

Gamehead362960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

If they show starhawk I will jizz on myself and on anyone within a 10 foot radius of me

Stinkinmushroom2960d ago

@ gamehead36 >

We'll need pics!

-EvoAnubis-2960d ago

Just what I was thinking! Jesus! Hopefully what Sony is doing is announcing a bunch of sequels to distract us, and during E3 talk about some new IPs, or even bring some IPs back from the dead (who do I have to kill to get a new Legend of Dragoon game?).

Not to mention, of course, showing games like Agent and talking about the premium PSN service and all the 3D crap I don't really care about. This is going to be interesting.

AssassinHD2960d ago

Well that is what 5 games they have announced so far? It is conceivable that they could have upwards of 16 more in their pocket. Granted that is a best case scenario, but not outside the realm of possibility.

notmushroom2960d ago

Great name. Love me some MotorStorm.

And E3, it doesn't matter.
As the Sony guy said the other day, everyone has been talking about new PS3 games over the build up to E3. Its great publicity.

ActionBastard2960d ago

Great series. Fantastic setting. Sold.

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