Demon's Souls UK Edition review: 9/10 in OPM

Despite uniform high praise in the US and Japan, the release of Demon's Souls in Europe faced numerous and significant hurdles to overcome. After it was revealed that Southpeak was unable to acquire the rights to publish it in Europe alongside 3D Dot Game Heroes European gamers gave up hope of ever playing the game.

However, Namco-Bandai came to the rescue and announced they would publish a special Black Phantom Edition of the infuriatingly hard but overwhelmingly satisfying RPG in Europe, a move that could pay off significantly judging by initial reviews.

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nix3111d ago

grrreeeeaaaaaaaat game! don't miss it guys!

WildArmed3111d ago

jk lol
Great review for the best Action RPG i've played this gen.

here's to a demons souls 2 (or a spiritual successor).

DarkSpawnClone3111d ago

great game really , the only thing imo that it was missing was a good story i got this game day one when it came out holy crap best game play for a rpg,just really feel that they could of done more story wise but the boss fights and the game play really make up for it.if there is a demons souls 2 i hope they put more time in to a better story.this game defiantly gives you a challenge i love it.

FOXDIE3111d ago

sorry ill disagree here, the story was spot on!

tda-danny3110d ago

I disagree also. The amount of plot was perfect. You were given enough information, and told to go explore the world on your own. There wasn't a cutscene every 10 minutes, and it really let you take in all of the atmosphere by presenting the game in that way.

Myst3111d ago

Good score for an awesome game, I kind of hate how I let my sister borrow it especially at this time in which I really wanted to play it again...

bigrob1233111d ago

even though i got the us import , im still gonna pick up the uk game as the strategy guide will be usefull and not sure if my us copy will be able to play with frinds on uk version

Slient Knight 93111d ago

yeah i be picking this up, so happy it finally made it here in the end

bigrob1233111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

glad they are releasing it with extras at a gd price and not takin the p1ss by charging full rrp for the just the game


when did the bubbles go up to 4 ?

scruffy_bear3111d ago

I'm doing the same thing :)

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The story is too old to be commented.