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NowGamer: MotorStorm: Apocalypse Preview

NowGamer: We were invited along to see the first showing of MotorStorm: Apocalypse, had the chance to play it for a few hours, and that’s the only thought that keeps going through our heads – this game is insane, and in all the right ways... (Motorstorm 3, MotorStorm: Apocalypse, PS3, Sony Computer Entertainment)

Al Bundy  +   1544d ago
GWAVE  +   1544d ago
The game looks cool. I hope the media gives Motorstorm the attention it deserves.
TotalPS3Fanboy  +   1544d ago
"...the only thought that keeps going through our heads..."
"...this game is insane..."

It's going to be crazy, I said. cRayzy!
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LeonSKennedy4Life  +   1544d ago
Put your pants back on, Al!
callahan09  +   1544d ago
Sounds unbelievably awesome! Can't wait for this one. I liked the first one. I loved the second one. This one is going to take it to a whole new level.

The preview doesn't mention 3D, though... but for some reason I had assumed this game would support it?
saint_john_paul_ii  +   1544d ago
yes, im 99% positive that it will support 3d.
callahan09  +   1544d ago
I just saw the IGN preview.

At the end of the IGN preview (the last paragraph), the guy from Evolution Studios says they've been working with 3D for 4 or 5 years and that they have learned a lot about what works and what doesn't work in 3D, and that they've been working a lot with 3D in MotorStorm but they are not ready to officially announce whether it will be a feature in the retail release of the game.

It sounds to me like they've got a lot work put into 3D and Sony is encouraging most of their first-party games to be in 3D from here on out, so I would personally guess that this game will come out with 3D support.
bnaked  +   1544d ago
lol Sony, your line up is so f*cking awesome..

The game looks sooo great, it's really a surprise for me..
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MexicanAppleThief  +   1544d ago
Woah, there's night time races!
teraclusterx   1544d ago | Spam
Prcko  +   1544d ago
extra cool!
ceedubya9  +   1544d ago
Nice indeed
I like the direction this game is going in.
LordMarius  +   1544d ago
so they finally announced it?
saint_john_paul_ii  +   1544d ago
Hyrius  +   1544d ago
Sony is dominating pre-E3.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   1544d ago
Nelson M  +   1544d ago
Lookin Forward to another Motorstorm Game
These Previous 2 were Great
CR-Y-SIS  +   1544d ago
Only on the PS3, baby!
Doc Sony  +   1544d ago
This sounds so FRIGGIN AWESOME.

KNEEL, before Sony !!!
ceedubya9  +   1544d ago
No thanks
I'll enjoy the games, but I won't be kneeling before any console maker.
Michael-Jackson  +   1544d ago
Too many games Sony...
KongRudi  +   1544d ago
there is no such thing as too many games..
Sure, we may not allways have enough time to play it all.
But it's s allways good to have more choices of wich games we want to play... :)
alphakennybody  +   1544d ago
Can't wait for E3! this game will own!
divideby0  +   1544d ago
looking forward to this one, I skipped the last MS...
ULTIMATE_REVENGE  +   1544d ago
Ok now I can say that it definitely looks good.

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