Bad Company 2 'Onslaught' DLC priced and dated

EA has announced that Battlefield: Bad Company 2's Onslaught DLC will launch on Xbox Live on June 22nd for 800 Microsoft Points, and on PlayStation Network on June 23rd for £7.19.

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Hellsvacancy3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

Wot-ever u say

As much as i love BC2 (played it 2-day for 3-hours) i wont b buyin any dlc for it, after i got screwed over with my (brand new) VIP code and also the constant disconnections online, so i wot b spendin any more bunce (money) on the game so EA can kiss my arse ill hold for Medal Of Honor

If your 1 of the lucky mofos on my friends list that i play BC2 with youll know wot im talkin about


pangitkqb3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

And I am excited for updates and DLC. I hope "Onslaught" comes to PC soon.

As for the lag and disconnections, PC, thankfully has almost none. You gotta love dedicated servers. I know it has been bad on 360. I haven't tried PS3 yet.

I also haven't had too much trouble w/snipers in hardcore. I mean, they are very dangerous, but that has just meant I needed to play more cautiously.

Diamondwolf3113d ago

Don't know what system you game on, but on PS3 I've had no issues.

Now, on to your other comment, screw EA your going to hold out for MoH........another EA franchise?


hmmmm3113d ago

"you gotta love dedicated severs"

The console versions also run on dedicated servers, you just can't select the one you want to play on it is match-made which can cause lag depending on the one you connect to.

Minimox163113d ago

i play on PS3 and yeah sometimes there is a terrible lag and "teleporting" and other things like that :S

here its the forum to report that and has you see there is a lot of people with that problem

BattleAxe3113d ago

I can't believe they're charging for this.

T9X693113d ago

To bad I sold this game a few months ago. FPS are getting stale anymore, plus the Snipers on hardcore ruined this game for PS3.

DavidMacDougall3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

Snipers ruined it for u cause you can't fight back hoo :'( LOL

I recon right, spot, take tanks out, sneak around, plus its useful to have a sniper with sensor balls when you got a squad of guys with automatic weapons.

EDIT - The lag is the main problem but when you find a good server its alright, im not a sniping whore btw its my least used kit, i just don't find snipers that big of a problem.

DoomeDx3113d ago

"Bad Company 2. Rated M for mature"

why do you even have BC2?

Snipers ruin the game.
but EA ruined the game even more with their laggy ass servers

cyborg69713113d ago

Yes a lot of snipers but that's no prob. The lag on the other hand is bad fix please.

n4gno3113d ago

snipers + extreme = noob's paradise.

bumnut3113d ago

they should limit the number of sniper slots available on each team.

T9X693113d ago

Ummm actually smart guy Dice said themselves it was a problem and they was working on a way to fix it. I had no problem with snipers there was just to many on hardcore because it was one shot kill and instead of going to the objectives, 80% of the team would sit back and snipe.

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DarK-SilV3113d ago

I thought my connection went bad .I stopped playing because of the lag, at first it was fine but after the some patches .the game lagged as hell

BubbleSystemSuck3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

I just want new Rush maps...

RDR Coop is free...

WildArmed3113d ago

Yeah, I dont think I wanna spend 10$ for Onslaught mode.
I never enjoyed the SP of Bad company, idk why I'd wanna shell out 10 bucks to kill AI w/ other ppl.
I prefer the MP.. (only reason why i bought it).

So I'mma keep my money to myself, and maybe wait for better DLC from Rock* for rdr xD Hopefully episodic DLC? :D

SixZeroFour3113d ago

because killing waves of AI with friends is highly popular as proven by COD:WaW zombie mode, GeOW 2 Horde mode, HALO3: ODST firefight (i would still be playing it to this day if it had matchmaking) and even L4D's survival mode

DoomeDx3113d ago

I promised myself to NEVER buy an EA product again after i bought BC2.

so this is a no go for me.

awesome game, terrible support (mostly by EA)
VIP codes are a joke..all the maps are already on the disc. If EA wasnt so stupid, we would have had all the maps already

(for all the fanboys out there, enjoy disagreeing with me. but these are the facts)

XxDarkGamerxX3113d ago

Why would someone disagree with this?
even fanboys know that EA is stupid :D

WildArmed3113d ago

Agreed. It's horrible.
Me and my brother bought this to play on our ps3.
And first thing we notice is that we can't have all the maps on both of our accounts.. WTF?

I get it if it was once on each ps3 activation, but having only 1 account per game is retarded.

Screw you EA.

Diamondwolf3113d ago

based on your idea of facts, I can say that cheeseburgers are stupid, because it only costs 5 cents per slice but McDonalds charges me 20 cents to add it to my hamburger.

Dude, seriously? The VIP codes are made to gauge people to buy new not used. It's not FREE DLC and that fact doesn't make them stupid. It makes people like you stupid who fail to see the big picture that companies are getting raped by used game sales; and if they can nip that in the bud, we can get better quality games. Also this will make it possible not to see good franchises die out because of short sighted consumers such as yourself.

DoomeDx3113d ago

failed on so many ways ^

''It prefends people from buying the game used''
Ofcourse! And i agree, its great!
But WHY release 1 map pack each 2 months? why all the map packs are just DISC UNLOCKABLES. its not DLC.

get your facts straight!

EA screwed up big time.

WildArmed3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

Yes, bcoz limiting maps to certain gametypes is such a great plan to reduce used game sales. If you want these maps on other game types, use the VIP code! GENIUS

It's still pretty stupid when people who bought new games are being screwed over. I know alot of people whose VIP code didn't work and EA didn't give a sh!t about it.

Thanks alot EA.
You guys are just making gaming better with each game you release.

divideby03113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

not buying. I have 500 points in my account and not gonna buy into the MS rip off point scam

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