CSI calls the difference between Wii, 360

Ubisoft has revealed the first details and screens on CSI:Hard Evidence for Wii, PC and 360. No sign of a PS3 version though...

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Jdash243796d ago

this game just looks dumb, no matter what console its on

Razzy3795d ago

More than likely this game will be slapped together junk.

_insane_cobra3795d ago

Actually, the last Telltale's CSI game was decent. Not great, but decent.

tomfoolery3795d ago

game just because it isn't coming to their system.
Oh the humanity.

JS1HUNDRED3795d ago

The last CSI was good. Im really looking forward to this one. There is a great lack of Point and Click games on consoles. I would really like to see a Next-Gen Monkey Island or Broken Sword