30° HBO invades the PSN

The_Shooter writes: "With E3 starting next week the anticipation is building for what’s on the horizon for Sony. So nothing really news breaking before E3 but maybe worth noting. It seems as though the PS3 is the first of the consoles to offer HBO original programming via the PSN. Now if you’re one of the few people out there not aware of some of the originals HBO was famous for, look no further than the Sopranos, Entourage, Deadwood, and The Wire. These shows were very popular when they aired so there’s no doubt they’ll make some money on them.?

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MexicanAppleThief3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

I hope Sony put in like collections and what not. Having all the series of Futurama and Family Guy on my PS3 320gb would rock :)

Focker4203113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

Big Love is the only series I've watched on HBO, and it is superb. Hopefully they do the Ricky Gervais Show also. Its freakin hilarious!!

@MexicanAppleThief ya hopefully they do some bundles. They've already got Family Guy (on the US store at least). Not sure about Futurama though.