Potter fends off Transformers

Harry Potter's latest videogame outing continues to dominate the UK charts - no doubt thanks to the recent launch of the film to which it ties in and last Saturday's release of the final book in JK Rowling's witches and wizards series.

However, it will face stern competition this week from Transformers (number two All Formats, number one on PS2 and Xbox 360), with the live action film in that famous franchise set for general release this Friday.

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Caxtus7504139d ago

l confess...I own Harry Potter on the 360...its oddly good. I dont read the books although have done and I must admit its very faithful to detail including many cool things not in the movie.

Its not AAA stuff but its enjoyable non the less if you forgive the camera and some what uninspired tasks. It passes the time until the great games come such as Halo and Bioshock.

machine4138d ago

yeah, i'm a great big potter fan and sure enough, not only did i have the wii version of this game reserved for launch day, but i was also the first dementor in Eugene OR to pick up book 7 on release night.

this game is pretty good though. Its by far the best game in the series (although I haven't played any of the sorcerers stone or the chamber of secrets games) but i thought that the Prisoner of Azkaban game (the x-box, ps2, and Game Cube one) was a great start in the right direction- the first sand box approach to hogwarts- complete with the very cool three player option. Goblet of fire, however, made a turn in a crappy direction. I just glad they made hogwarts so well this time around. they really did a great job of making the place so true to the film version. having played through the game completely before watching the movie- I could recognize all of the locations in the film and how, realistically, harry could get from one to another. In future installments i hope they expand on this and make hogwarts even larger and more expansive, perhaps include the shrieking shack and the chamber of secrets- hell, even an accessible Dumbledoors office would be nice.

Now, i enjoyed this game very much, but I am very glad to see that someone can who has not read the books can make much sense of it. I felt that they kind of chopped up the story so much and threw it together so rapidly, that i felt that anyone who hadn't read the books would be like, "WTF?" and i agree that it the game did cover some important points, plot wise that the film passed over (like the locket in the drawer, Fred and George making the swamp, and the Screaming painting of Mrs. black).

Overall though, this game was all about exploring. the missions were mediocre and there really wasn't that much to do otherwise. no senseless random battles with various magical creatures. But it was very pretty, even on the wii. In the end, it was something fun to do while waiting for movie 5 and book 7.