Where to Watch E3 Live

With E3 just 4 days away it would be nice for us common folk to know where we can catch the coverage. Explicit Gamer has that list for you right here!

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halocursed3113d ago

Just like every year I'll be watching at gamespot...

Hideo_Kojima3113d ago

Just make sure you have a backup link...

villevalorox3113d ago

probably like i do every year.

TROLL EATER3113d ago

sony has no official stream. should do one in 3d lool

cyborg69713113d ago

IF they did one in 3d, we would see ms claim that they are doing it in 8d. Just like when sony announces numbers. All ms does is wait then post lies.

Chubear3113d ago

I dont' understand why these companies (Ninty, Sony, MS) dont do them on their websites?

Redempteur3113d ago

because they prefer you to download thier trailers on the same website afterwards ?
and by the way sony ( for example ) will put their conference on the store just like last year

falviousuk3113d ago

Microsoft ARE streaming thier conference on the website

EVILDEAD3603113d ago

Every year..never fails...

Can't wait..


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Hellsvacancy3113d ago

lol i was just sittin here thinkin where am i going to watch E3 this year and now here it is

GUCommander3113d ago

lol that's awesome. Glad it helped you :)

Hellsvacancy3113d ago

Itll b 1 of those times where ill skip N4G untill ive seen the conferences (not so much Nintendos)

+1 2-u mofo


SactoGamer3113d ago

but The Game Guys will be live-streaming a number of the press conferences on

Noobasaurus_REX3113d ago

Watched on G4, but stupiid Tv company put that channel in the next highest bundle

nikrel3113d ago

G4 as always. Hope Morgan Webb is sick or something next week.

kaos_fish II3113d ago

Why, cause she took a dump on Mario and you're having a hissy fit over it?

Life's too short, dude - move along..

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The story is too old to be commented.