Driver: San Francisco named

A senior games industry source has confirmed to MCV the name of the new entry in the Driver series that Ubisoft will be unveiling at E3 next week – Driver: San Francisco.

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piroh2964d ago

Driver: San Francisco, Motorstorm 3 San Francisco :P

i pray Motorstorm 3 rumor is true

N4G king2964d ago

i hope this one dont suck as the last one did

Homegamer2964d ago

The motorstorm 3 rumor is true and the name of the game is motorstorm acolapse (its not spelled right) it was announced on playstation blog

Darkstorn2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

San Francisco has always been a great setting for racers. This should be no exception (and frankly I'm tired of every big game being set in New York...)

poopface12964d ago

I used to love Driver 1 on my ps1 and PC too. Im excited to see more on this.

aaron58292964d ago

i'm no american..

but certainly know it will have epic uphill/downhill, railcar crashes & chases..


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Dellis2964d ago

^The Reason they changed to APOCALYPSE is because of this

Ubisoft had the copyright on the IP name way before

Motorstorm did

Brewski0072964d ago

Man this is gonna own in a big way. Cannot wait to hear/see more about it. Roll on E3!!

galgor2964d ago

Hills hills everywhere so lets all take a jump :D

jay22964d ago

We've got to hope for the best now.

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