Bad Company 2 Getting Bad Company 1 Maps?

EA has posed a very simple question on their Facebook page.

Battlefield: If DICE were to do a Bad Company 1 map pack for Bad Company 2, what maps would you like to see?

It might be safe to say that EA is testing the waters to see how much interest is out in the community for old maps coming to Bad Company 2. Apparently designers are running out of ideas when it comes to designing new maps for games.


New VLOG detailing list of all recent changes to BFBC2

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ASSASSYN 36o3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Please do! BF bad company 1 maps (albeit not all) are better than BF2 maps. I prefer wide open battlefield maps vs. narrow maps.

SixZeroFour3109d ago

if its free, whos gunna complain right? if it isnt, then im gunna have to see whats being offered

cyborg69713109d ago

Free is great and all but please fix the lag first.

xabmol3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

I've had the same lag problem, but recently (last 3 days) I've had zero lag. I think they may have fixed it(?).


All maps will be free with the VIP code.

SixZeroFour3109d ago

thats what i was thinking, but i was also thinking that that was only applied to the bc2 maps getting different game modes...i still do wish they will be free, that way it wouldnt force me to choose between onslaught or maps, lol...cause if it wasnt free, i would have to choose one or the other, and use my money for other games

since coming back to bfbc2 after the reach beta, i also noticed the lag and thought it might have been my connection, but didnt know it was practically a world wide thing...havent playing in the last couple days cause of classes, but i hope its fixed, or gets fixed soon

pangitkqb3109d ago

I would love to see some of the original maps.

yess3109d ago

Im right here, you don't have to shout ;-)

Original is good...

aaronisbla3109d ago

Imo, the Conquest maps on BFBC1 were far superior to the ones on 2. some rush maps would be nice too although i like the rush maps a tad bit more on 2.

Would it be too much to throw us iwo jima from 1943?

BattleAxe3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Got rid of this game yesterday. DICE is a joke. They have released 3 Battlefield games on PS3 and 360 and what do we get?

Battlefield 1943:

2 game modes, 4 maps(one of which is only for flying planes) with voice chat that doesn't work most of the time. No further support for this game. Poor selection of weapons.

Battlefield Bad Company:

8 maps, 2 game modes, voice chat was garbage for the first 4 months(PS3) and no further support for the game. Weapons were poorly balanced.

Battlefield Bad Company 2:

8 maps with 5 game modes, not playable on all maps after 3 1/2 months. VIP Map Packs that don't include maps, instead they include game modes that are now playable on maps that you already have. All the game modes should have been playable on all the maps on day one. LAG has been a big problem with this game. Weapons are poorly balanced. How much DICE supports this game remains to be seen.

Dice gets way too much praise. At least with MW2, the game was released with 16 maps, 12 game modes and co-op with 23 different missions on different maps. CoD:WaW had even more game modes and co-op modes out of the box than MW2 did. And since World at War, Treyarch and Infinity Ward have been supporting their games heavily. Even if you think the map packs are too expensive, theres still alot of game to be played without the map packs especially when compared to BC2. I sure didn't feel like much of a VIP.

BattleAxe3109d ago

Wow, I didn't realise that EA was charging for the Onslaught Co-op DLC until I read another article just now.......thats utter bullsh*t. I wish I could edit my comment above to state that BFBC2 only has 4 game modes.

ll_UNDERSCORE_ll3109d ago

Even though im biased towards the BF franchise , I have to agree with your comments. Paying for Onslaught is a snap in the face to the VIP pass. Where are the rewards for this pass?
Side note- I wish there was team chat, so I can ye'll to the team "fcking quit the whole team sniping BS, pick up a machine gun and advance" .

Fanb0y3109d ago

I would pay 15 fat bucks for it.


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jmmurillo863110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Don't ask, just give us every BC1 map!

Free for BC1 owners, friend price for everybody else!

blackmamba7073109d ago

and Harvest Day would be appreciated too

Convas3109d ago

Oh Oasis ... have mercy Lord ... Add in Ascension, and BC2'll be competing with Halo: Reach for play time attention!

radzy3109d ago

we want deadly pass and backstab !!!

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