MS wins case against Datel control pads? Products delisted

Shortly after Datel sued MS over the blocking of third party memory cards, Datel received a law-suit back in their direction from MS regarding their latest 'wildfire' controllers which allegedly looked too similar to offical 360 pads. And if the removal of the products in question at Datel's official EU and US stores is anything to by, then MS has won as the respective products are no longer showing up.

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GWAVE3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

Yet, I can go out and buy plenty of 3rd-party products for both my Wii, PS3, DSi, and Wii. What gives, Microsoft?

Oh...greed. Got it.

@ below

No, the subject is Microsoft not allowing 3rd-party products for its system.

ASSASSYN 36o3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

But, the subject is clearly the 360 controllers. Not wii, ps3, and dsi.

Umbrella Corp3111d ago

Microsoft is a really greedy company,this is not intended to bash the 360 but its true.How much ar you paying for your hardrive and wifi adaptors?Datel was just offering another controller and Microsoft saw this as a threat to the sales of the official products thus countering with a law-suit.

Blaze9293111d ago

no one is saying they can't sell their controllers. They just made it look too similar to the official Xbox 360 controllers. They simply just need to change their design. Got nothing to do with greed in this case - just don't rip of their design and sell it as your own.

orange-skittle3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

There's no such thing as imitation is the best form of flattery. It's called STEALING!

Those 3rd party companies pay MS, SONY, and Nintendo when they make peripherals for their console. This company is flat out using deception. If I took time to design something and seen another company copy my design after I product tested it, marketed it, designed it, and branded it...I would sue your ass too. Nothing's free. If you feel that way, then maybe that's why you're broke ass is still in your moms house.

Microsoft was crucified last gen for their controller and they went to great lengths to design an ergonomically correct one that everyone enjoys. That cost them millions. The controller went through 4 designs before this one and someone wants to copy the design for their own gain....HELL NO

IdleLeeSiuLung3111d ago

The market determines if there is a need for a 3rd party controller. Nothing wrong with a company out to protect their own business (see Sony "Other OS" removal for example) Datel can just re-design their controller to look less like the 1st party 360 controllers.

Besides I think anyone would be an idiot to purchase a 3rd party controller for virtually the same price as the 1st party. I have yet to see a 3rd party controller that is of good quality except for the wireless Logitech original Xbox/PS2 controller back in the day.

My Madcatz 360 pad is pure craptastic for $40, but it at least has a functional d-pad!

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Christopher3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

It could just be a temporary restraining order, which happens a lot with these type of cases. Microsoft had to remove 2007 Office products with the infringing XML code off the shelves when they were being sued and the trial was in process.

@GWAVE: Do a bit of research. The claim is against two controllers they sell that they are saying infringe upon Microsoft's controller design for the Xbox 360. Yes, they're not friendly towards third-parties, obviously, but this suit isn't about all of Datel's controllers or devices and one of the controllers is even a PS3-only controller.

falviousuk3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

trolling away again in another thread, Do you have a stalking fetish against everything Microsoft and/or Xbox

josh143993111d ago

i just wish microsoft would reduce the price of accessories

Dlacy13g3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

So MS Harddrive and wifi prices are high...I get that.

But its not like the competition is much better when it comes to controller prices.

Dual shock 3 - MSRP $54.99
Wireless key pad - $49.99

Wii Remote - $39.99
Wii Motion Plus - $19.99
Wii Nunchuck Addon - $19.99

Microsoft Wireless Gamepad - $49.99
Chat Pad - $29.99

So in terms of controller costs...I think MS is more than in line with the competition.

*All prices are the "normal" price on and are not the special price / sale price / etc... that you can find. This is what these devices are "normally" supposed to sell for.

000000000000000000013110d ago

All I have to say is pay back is a Bit$h. Sony and Nintendo would have jumped at the chance also. All Datel has to do is make there product according to MS spec. and license it with MS.

DAS6923110d ago

They are a bunch of low down, money fiends, who have nothing better to do with their lives except torment the lives of innocent citizens with their crappy merchandise and monopolistic WAYS!!!! SONY ALL THE WAY!!!!

DAS6923110d ago

So you mean to tell me that every time one of the crappy organizations makes another cheap IPhone IMITATION! (Like the Droid) that Apple should sue them!!???