N4G In Real Life

Mucu from writes, "Ah, N4G… You gotta love it. Here is what N4G would be like in real life. Honestly, it’s quite scary. Enjoy! It’s all in good fun!"

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Biggest2932d ago

The ending was classic. Totally random disagree fight with bubble down and rapid personal attack. Gotta love it.

Danteh2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

hahah hilarious

And the "holy sh!t boooobs this is totally gonna get 1000 degrees" was spot on

<3 N4G

I actually enjoy all the fanboy wars and retarded articles, cause I laugh a lot while I get updated on the most recent videogame news ;)

lovestospoodge2932d ago

this video was really well done and the hit everything wrong with thiBOOBS IDC ABOUT THAT ANYMORE

Mucudadada2932d ago

Glad ya'll are liking it. Here is the YouTube link if you want to favorite.

BannedForNineYears2932d ago

Rofl..."I don't care about that, this has boobs."

Anon19742932d ago

Brought a smile to my face this morning.

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commodore642932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

Sooo amazingly spot on!

(waits for disagrees, debubbling and personal attack)

HxCGamer2932d ago

was the funniest thing ever
so true.
and everyone in this site really goes crazy every time theres boobs lol myself included =]

thedisagreefairy2932d ago

disagrees for everyone.


Rucury2932d ago

That's like, so, like, totally immature.


Personal attack ;D

thedisagreefairy2932d ago

and i have only been able to say stuff like that a few times from ppl complaining about disagrees. makes me a little sad actually :(

DMason2932d ago

Yeah, this site is a cesspool of fanboy disease and an abomination to the gaming industry as a whole.

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TheHater2932d ago

that was just too funny.

DarkFinalGod2932d ago

''this is sooo gonna be on front page'' as in N4G front page lmaooo ive seen some on front page just saying boobs and $hit lol this vid made me laugh.NOW this is real news to N4G :)

Redempteur2932d ago

sadly i have to agree ...

Godmars2902932d ago

That "Boobs!" got disagrees...