Crysis 2 release date: 'Autumn 2010'

CVG: EA's bumped up the release window for Crysis 2 to 'autumn 2010'.

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WildArmed3107d ago

hmm, question is whether Crytek have been able to pull off the console versions.
I'm more interested in console (because I dont like to put pressure on my PC unnecessarily. and I prefer playing on my HDTV w/ 7.1 surround support with controllers etc etc)

But if push comes to shove, i may skip this and wait for the PC version to cheapen out.
I loved the first Crysis (and Warhead was ALOT better than the first).. but none of them had great replay value in my book.
The MP wasn't too great.

StanLee3107d ago

The PC version will far surpass the console versions so it's the safe bet if you have a PC capable of running it.

Xfanboy3107d ago

Think ps3 only does up to 5.1 audio but not sure... maybe with Hdmi..
720p for crysis 1 is fine.. but after 1200p it's meh!!

Darkstorn3107d ago

The PS3 supports 7.1, but only a handful of games have taken advantage of it, unfortunately.

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Darkstorn3107d ago

Since my graphics card won't run this smoothly (Geforce 8600GTS, 256mb), I'll buy it on PS3. It will still look amazing.

bumnut3107d ago

i don't think your graphics card will run anything smoothly!

time for an upgrade, your 3 generations + behind

dirthurts3107d ago

And you're good to go.
: )

Darkstorn3107d ago

Well, it's on a Dell XPS M1530, which was top of the line 2 years ago. I managed to run the first Crysis on low settings, and can run The Witcher and Mass Effect both on medium settings, but I agree that if I could upgrade the graphics card in my laptop, I would do so.

DaCajun3107d ago

Buy the asus g73jh-a1 laptop if you have the money nothing comes close to it for the price and it's using an ATI HD5870 1G GDDR5 graphics card. You can find it for around $1600-$1700 at a couple online retailers like xoticpc and excaliberpc. The only other laptops that have similar specs sell for almost $4000. Now if you don't have the money LOL get it for the PS3 or xbox 360. I'll be getting it for the PS3 since the wife won't let me get this laptop, lol you here that whip crack.

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BattleAxe3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

I can't wait to see some more gameplay footage and then some reviews especially when it comes to the multiplayer as Crysis Wars sucked and EA has yet to provide an online experience that has as minimal lag as CoD, Killzone 2, Resistance 2 and Uncharted 2.

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frankymv3107d ago

Thanks for this.

I have already paid for this game (along with Medal of Honor and Killzone 3 of course)

DoomeDx3107d ago

Close the windows!
Its getting cOLD!

we knew this shit already.

Optical_Matrix3107d ago

Going head to head with Halo:Reach, Socom 4 and CoD:Black Ops. Gonna be extremely interesting.

Biggest3107d ago

Don't thin it'll be competing with SOCOM. That isn't a mainstream game at all. Those that dig the "extreme" nature of that game will buy it regardless. Please don't mistake that as me saying SOCOM is better or will sell more than anything. I am saying that it is more of a niche shooter. Its sales will be the same as they would be anyway.

criticalkare3107d ago

OHH YEAH! sorry for caps :P

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