EA Reveals E3 Line-Up

Electronic Arts are going to be raiding the upcoming E3 expo with their plethora of games. The mega publishers and developers has just announced its E3 line-up, and it’s massive. Really massive.

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GWAVE2933d ago

Can't wait to see more info on Dead Space 2.

user94220772933d ago

Yeah, loved the first game. Here's hoping the sequel is tons better.

doctorstrange2933d ago

I absolutely adored the last one. This, MoH and BulletStorm are right up there at the top of my wishlist

Double Toasted2933d ago

Bulletstorm and Crysis 2 are guaranteed purchases from me.

T3mpr1x2933d ago

Yeah that was a scary-fun game.

Bloodlyte2933d ago

Crysis 2
Dead Space 2
Medal of Honor

very nice line up, I just hope they make Dead Space 2 just as creepy as the first part, I would hate to see the game turn in to a generic third person shooter.

Senden2933d ago

Hmm I wonder why The old republic isn't on there.

ftwrthtx2933d ago

a Mirror's Edge 2 announcement.

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