Fallout: New Vegas | 4 Separate Digital Pre-Order Packs Revealed

Ex: Gamers who prefer to ride the digital distribution train now have 4 appealing options for pre-ordering Fallout: New Vegas. This morning, Bethesda revealed the Classic, Tribal, Caravan, and Mercenary packs offered exclusively through retailers GameStop, Amazon, Steam, Walmart, and Best Buy.


We just received screenshots for the various packs and have added them to the article, but the server may take a few minutes to update.

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StixRemix2964d ago

I hate retail exclusive content.

killyourfm2964d ago

Yea, with 4 different packs the choice is insanely hard...and I personally don't even like digital releases.

reluctant_gamer2964d ago

Agreed...pre orders are getting ridiculous

GodsHand2964d ago

What's the point of this, just to have some items from the start. Playing Fallout 3, most items were not hard to aquire. The only incentive is if they are in 100% condition, or they are somehow unique to the game itslef and can't be aquirred any other way(unless on PC).

killyourfm2964d ago

I have an email out to Bethesda PR to clarify that for you.

ASSASSYN 36o2964d ago

I am starting to agree with hating retail content too. This is getting stupid. Given the variety of custom items in fallout 3 I bet money 100% of this content is in game yet locked because of it's origin of purchase. That is fully retarded for a game like fallout vegas.

TANUKI2964d ago

@ StixRemix

I totally agree with you man. I also hate, when they make so many "special editions" for a game. I mean.. what the hell? Just make one REGULAR and one PREMIUM!

Jack-Pyro2964d ago

I hate retail exclusive content too...

But you know what I don't hate, I don't hate vests! ;D

AliTheBrit192964d ago

Yep me too man, over here it will probably be divided up between Shopto, Play and GAME plus another.

Pre-Order exclusives just make gamers feel like they are missing out on stuff.

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Charmers2964d ago

I have to admit I am getting a bit sick and tired of these retail exclusive bonuses.

killyourfm2964d ago

Can you readers see the images in the article?

ElementX2964d ago

I'm not sick of the bonuses. I shop Amazon and those are always pretty good.

SynGamer2964d ago

I REALLY want this game but I hate it when devs/publishers do this shit. I'm still leaning towards the Collector's Edition but something tells me they are going to rape our wallets again with multiple DLC releases at $10 apiece.

kaos_fish II2964d ago

"multiple DLC releases at $10 apiece."

Dude, that's given.. Also expect Bethesda to announce that said DLC will be a (timed) exclusive on the 360/PC for a year.

killyourfm2964d ago

WHOA. Fallout 3 had some of the best and deepest DLC released across any game. I hardly think $10 was "raping our wallets" for the amount of content the Fallout 3 DLC had.

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