PlayStation 3 3D Gaming Abilities Showcased

We walked to Sony today to get some time with the 3D range of TV's and games. Read on to find out what we saw!

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Hyrius3111d ago

The image comes from Killzone 3 ?

GWAVE3111d ago

Seems like 3D tech is getting more media attention than exclusive games or motion controls at E3 this year.

And guess which system has all three (motion controls, 3D, and exclusives up the wazoo)?

Chubear3111d ago

MS keeps talking about showing

Are_The_MaDNess3111d ago

no its not from KZ3.
its from the KZ2 trailer/ behind the bullet

RageAgainstTheMShine3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

if you are smart and patient enuff. I recommend SAMSUNG HDTV over Sony even if they are made in the same factories is South Korea.

Focker4203111d ago

I'll be buying a 3D TV once they can be used without the glasses. Which should be in the next year or two.

hay3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

I'll give you around 5 years. It'll be next wave of something new, it won't come so soon but in it's own time.

Yet again, when those TVs will go out, they'll be too expensive to buy for some at the beginning which may result in even better stuff going around the corner and waiting for it.

And that way some will be waiting for years instead of enjoying things.


at a dev thing last week or so the general feeling is that glassless 3d sets wont be avaliable to public until 2015.

and its worth nothing currently active shutter gives the best quality of the 3 options

Chris_TC3111d ago

Actually, Panasonic is the way to go right now because of cross-talk issues with the Samsungs. I don't know about the Sonys.

Parapraxis3111d ago

"The second issue with 3D games is that this brand new technology looks like it is going to be out of date in the next five years"
If it's the best form of 3D gaming for the next 5 years that's MORE than enough.
For any tech to last 4+ years is a true feat.
This should not be a point of issue, rather a point of commendation.

KilZoneGeneralStrife3111d ago

Get a 3D tv.for now,as in the 2010 ,Im sure GT5 will STILL look absolutly beautiful on our standard hdtv's. I think stand alone blu-ray player prices demonstrates this.the prices are sweet now

D4RkNIKON3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

And GT5 would look even more absolutely beautiful in 3D. I have to wait till my income tax next year to get a 3DTV but I will get my hands on one.

TehGamersHub3111d ago

It did look amazing! They had clips with in car views, AMAZING!

Lirky3111d ago

a 3d twisted metal with body parts & explosions + metal flying at you.

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