Sony's 3D revolution

CVG would love to give you a taste of 3D gaming on PlayStation here.

You know the sort of thing; we'd throw out evocative adjectives while recounting our experiences with the tech - and, voilà, a murky picture will arrive in your brain-zone.

Problem is, it's nigh on impossible. Whether it's the peripherally-visible mania of Killzone 3 or the did-I-just-see-that protrusion of Wipeout HD, the PS3 3D 'experience' is just that; something you can only understand when you're in the driving seat.

What we can report, however, is that 3D gaming is far more subtle than you might expect. It creeps up on you - allowing you to adjust to its presence - before it makes itself known.

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piroh3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

including 3D, motion sticks, motion camera and DualShock 3 :)

God bless Sony

D4RkNIKON3111d ago

It's as futuristic or Noweristic as it gets

Parapraxis3111d ago

Noweristic, lol thanks for that.

WildArmed3111d ago

Now if Heavy rain did 3D and Motion Gaming (move)..
I think we got an epic win combo there.

Chris_TC3111d ago

They code PS3 games on PS3s? Wow, didn't know that.

RAZORLAND3111d ago

Sony led the way with CD, DVD and definatley Blu-ray. This seems like a natural progression for Sony

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MiloGarret3111d ago

For it to be a revolution someone actually has to be a part of it. Let's talk in 3 years.

Dlacy13g3111d ago

LOL... ok that is just funny. 3D has come and gone many times. It was all the rage back in the 50's with movies like the Blob releasing in 3D.

Then slowly people got tired of putting on glasses to watch a movie...and 3D went away.

Tech gets better... People get excited for 3D again in the movies, gaming, etc.. but they will also get tired of wearing glasses again... and it will fade back and be just a novalty again.

cobraagent3111d ago

"PEople got tired of putting the glasses"
1Avatar sales say otherwise
2I find it more "tiring" to put a blu-ray in my ps3 that put on my sunglasses

Arnon3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

There's a pretty substantial difference between the 3D quality in Avatar, and the updated firmware 3D quality of a video game. For one, Avatar was developed with 3D in mind, so you will not experience anything like that on a console that's simply adding an extra layer to the screen.

Secondly, watching Avatar didn't require you to go out and repurchase a new $2000-$3000 HDTV with 240Hz and 3D in mind, as well as a pair of $150 glasses.

THIRDLY, 3D glasses and sunglasses are completely different. Simply for the fact that the glasses themselves are layered with two separate colors to have the image "pop out". My eyes were numb after watching Avatar in 3D for 3 hours straight. I guarantee you that there's going to be issues with this, not to mention that it wont take off for a while.

Dlacy13g3111d ago

Sure Avatar sold great...did you not get what I meant by.. "People get excited for 3D again in the movies" bit?

YES, people and tech companies all think 3D is the next big thing for now...but as consumers realize they have to wear glasses constantly to do it ...and it costs a bucket load to upgrade the TV's we all were just buying last year... you are gonna see bunches jump back off the bandwagon as sales lag...

Oh and sure Avatar was a hit...but how did Clash of the Titans do? Animated cartoons and a few exceptions will be the niche for 3D movies.

As for your last comment...well heck you are gonna be really tired then cause you will have to put your blu ray in AND put on your 3D "sunglasses"! You are gonna be too tired to even game at that rate!

BattleAxe3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

I would find it tiring to continually have to insert multiple DVDs to play a game on a 360, rather than put 3D glasses on.

TotalPS3Fanboy3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

You got it wrong. Avatar is done using layers. And without Shutter Glass, it hurts your eyes after a while.

3D gaming with Shutter Glass is not done using layers. It will be more like real-life, with real depth. A 3D sphere will be a 3D sphere, with volume and depth, on the PS3, whereas as a 3D sphere in Avatar is just a 2D circle in a layer that pops up.

You haven't seen true 3D on the PS3. You have only seen layered 3D at the movies, so you think that's how 3D on the PS3 will look. But 3D on the PS3 will actually be like real life, and nothing like the layered 3D of Avatar.

Arnon3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

I'm sorry, but I honestly am not able to believe that Sony is able to create a more accurate 3D image with a simple firmware update compared to a movie that had to be made using technology that was built specifically for the movie itself. The movie was built with 3D in mind. Also, Avatar uses RealD, which I believe is a more accurate depiction than Shutter 3D.

There's a reason why Avatar cost $500,000,000 to make.

TotalPS3Fanboy3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Avatar cost $500,000,000 to make. But it's displayed using ReadD, which is a very bad 3D technology. Explains why the glasses is so cheap at the movies (a few dollars). ReadD is like layered 3D. With RealD, you can only do 3D by using the pop-up book effect. Watch Avatar and you can see that everything are just on different layers and are actually not real 3D, with real depth/volume diminsion.

Shutter 3D, on the other hand, uses the Shutter Glass, and is a better technology. It can do more realistic 3D, making things looks volumetric and have actual depth. Go to your local Best Buy store and try on the the Shutter 3D Glasses. You'll be surprise that the 3D is way better than those cheap RealD glasses at the movies.

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mrv3213111d ago

We've seen Motion controls come and go since the start of gaming... so does that mean motion controls will fail? Try telling that to Nintendo, oh wait you can't BECAUSE THEY ARE ROLLING IN MONEY!

HD probably came and went... so does that make HD a novelty.

Aikuchi3111d ago

The day I can watch 3D without glasses is the day I will buy in to it.
The glasses just give me a big headache.

Yangus3111d ago

Maybe!GT5 3D amazing....

zoks3103111d ago

That is what Sony is known for, taking it to the next level, same goes for the PlayStation, and Bravia.

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