Engadget Silences iPhone vs EVO Poll

"iPhone or EVO: which one should you get?" Or at least this was the headline over at Engadget yesterday. The article which was posted by Paul Miller, featured a poll pitting the two super phones against one another. That is until The HTC EVO pulled ahead. At which point the article and poll were deleted.

One forum user cites,
"It was a huge article. For quite a while, iPhone 4 was ahead. I did a few page refreshes and EVO 4G was starting to catch up really fast. Next time I refreshed, the article disappeared without a trace....down the memory hole, like it never existed...many hundreds of comments in a couple of hours.

That is disturbing."

Meanwhile, Engadget is actively deleting any mention of this by anyone in their comments section.

Further down the post you'll find a copy of the original article at Engadget.

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cyborg69713083d ago

Phuck engadget they just p!ssy the iphone wasn't gonna win. Fanboys.

Angry Moth3083d ago

Can't believe you this fanboy fueled forum post is getting approved.

Wolfgang1873083d ago

That the instant the story gets approved, Engadget comes out and says they ALWAYS intended on bringing the story back lol