Mortal Kombat 9 Debut Trailer Revealed

Following the internet rumblings generated by a teaser trailer for a possible forthcoming reboot of the Mortal Kombat motion-picture franchise, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have today officially announced the next instalment in the videogame series. Currently expected to arrive late in 2010, the ninth Mortal Kombat game is currently in development for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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lociefer3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

make brutalities , animalities , babylites, friendship and all that stuff return and itll be a day 1, and extreme gore too

WildArmed3113d ago

IDK, I haven't really enjoyed MK since PSX/N64 days.
It's just not as fun anymore.
I can't really pin point why either though.

deafwing3113d ago

it's gonna take a lot to get me to buy this game (a lot)

Hanif-8763113d ago

Its because all the 3d Mortal Kombat (MK) games all had big clunky character models that filled the entire screen. Whereas MK9 looks 2d but features 3d aspects. This has been the MK that i've been waiting for since "trilogy" on the N64 :-)

Commander TK3113d ago

gonna be better than that excuse for a fighting game *cough* Tekken 6 *cough*

Hideo_Kojima3112d ago

just look at that last kill...

there is nothing more fun than killing someone by splitting their penis into 2 pieces down the middle with your hat.

Its awesome!

Army_of_Darkness3112d ago


blackbeld3112d ago

^^ skv007 I Agree with you.

After MK3 they went 3D but then it also went wrong with the gameplay. But there still is hope!

"the return of many much-loved characters and familiar environments, as well as - which comes as somewhat of a shock - some in-game footage. It also demonstrates that, much like Capcom’s recent Street Fighter revival, the latest Mortal Kombat will be returning to its 2D roots."

MK9 goes back to 2D more like 2,5D from the trailer.
And it looks GREAT! Now you can makes those beautiful combo's again.

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kagon013113d ago

I want flying organs at my at my screen in high def... :)

WildArmed3113d ago

IDK how fun that would be as disturbing.

I think the factor to determine this would be the art style they choose.
It may make or break this gore factor.

On 16-bit games w/e worked, bcoz it was the IDEA of splattering their organs.
Now, it's actually possible to get everything right, down to the blood splatter and organ-level details.

FFusionGaming3112d ago

Better yet, organs flying at your face in 3d!

DirtyLary3113d ago


silvacrest3113d ago

I WISH they would redo the combat animations for MK, it hasn't looked right since MK went 3D

TruthBTold3113d ago

but to me MK3 was the best. It had the combos. I remember when I had it for SNES using sub-zero HP LP LK HK Back HK was it?

PRHB HYBRiiD3112d ago

whopsy!! lol that face xD

silvacrest3112d ago

MK3 was the best, doing actual combos as well as brutalities and the big roster made it pretty good

thematrix12983113d ago

I was hoping they'll go in the line of MK3 or UMK3. Looks like they hashed MK vs DC source codes.

dizzleK3113d ago

i agree, the animation still looks way too stiff.

II Necroplasm II3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

I heard the game was using the old MK3 fighting system..oh well, another disappointment.

Would have been cool..with the 3D aspect and all. I just got burned out on what they use now. MK Deception...was the last game I bought.

Skizelli3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

UMK3 was the last MK that actually had good gameplay. If that's true about this new one, it might be the first competitive MK engine in a very long time.

Corepred43113d ago

i thought this was confirming the trailer i saw for a new mortal kombat movie! have you guys seen it? or does anyone know if its real or fake? check it out!

cond3m3r3112d ago

from what i've read WB is being pretty strict on the whole "letting ppl rape MK's name by making a movie." soooo this "teaser" is a vision from director Kevin Tancharoen who wants to make an MK movie. basically hes giving a proposal to let WB take a swing with MK.

there hasnt been any word that WB is truly making another MK yet, butttt if u check imdb you'll see that there is a planned MK movie for 2013

takohma3112d ago

they had me until they gave Baraka dreads. And Scorpion has been dead for a long time. He's a demon wanting revenge.

zeeshan3112d ago

It looks like it's going to be 3D characters fighting in 2D ala SF4!!! Yes, MK sucks in 3D (besides that SHAOLIN MONKS game) but it looks like they are going back to the roots which is a great thing to see. Also, the fact that they have Kung Lao back in, I am already sold. I HATED MK vs DC and I guess that little move has hurt the MK franchise on levels that Midway hadn't even imagined. Now when all is said and done and Warner Brothers are going to be the new owners of this mega franchise, I HOPE they listen to the fans and make the animations look more... I don't know... hmmm.. SMOOTH? Make the fatalities really really awesome and just stick to their roots.

zeeshan3112d ago

I just saw the trailer again and it defenitely looks like a MK2 remake. I can see the living forest level, the acid pool level, shao kahn level with Sonia blade tied up in chains. Goddddd, could this be? Are they going to remake one of the greatest fighting games of all times? It is either going to kill it or will be awesome!

They need to take care of little details like towards the end of the trailer, you see Kung Lao performing a fatality on Sub-Zero who does NOT look half-dead and when Kung Lao drags him, his hands stay stiff and don't fall back like how they normally would if you drag a person on the ground. I mean, these are tiny little details but they can make one heck of a difference!

kingjoker343112d ago

The last couple of years fighting games have been becoming a bore, but SSFIV was pretty fun. I hope this turn out to be good, dont know about release dates, but they are going to have competition wit MvC3

iNcRiMiNaTi3112d ago

I like how Sektor was dives into the matrix when he teleports

CommonCent3112d ago

Made me laugh, +bubbles for you sir

Campy da Camper3112d ago

a hybrid Mortal Combat RPG thing. Something like the online for Red Dead Redemption. You can go to an open world and roam with buddies and when you meet up with other clans it cuts to the actual fighting. Whoever wins can loot the dead bodies. I know, I'm retarded.

zeeshan3112d ago

Good idea! Have you tried MK Shaolin Monks? Not at all an RPG but fun nontheless.

PRHB HYBRiiD3112d ago

with all the armagedon characters!.

spacetattoo3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

I been hoping for a gore fest mk game for some time now. love the end sceen, lookin foward to this game. going to preorder a copy pronto.

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NovaXz3113d ago

If that is the new MK, then I will say that I am very disappointed. Seems very...blah

I was really hoping for a real step up from the last few but even the graphical style resembles that of the previous entries.

Daver3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

Well, it looks fun but like you said it looks way too similar to the old ones in term of gameplay. They should have created new moves and all but from this trailer it looks identical.

1 thing tho that looks to be awesome in this one is the ''finish him''. The last one is nice and i hope they will all be that refreshing.

kevco333113d ago

Well, it certainly looks like there's some fatalities in there!

Raf1k13113d ago

Not as dark and as gory as I had thought but this is the first footage we've seen so it'll probably look better when it's out.

King Hippo3113d ago

Is the trailer on another site? That electronictheatre site is a resource hog.