Heard About: Battlefield Bad Company 2

A look at the superb audio of EA DICE's trigger happy shooter.

Even down the line from Sweden, you can just tell Stefan Strandberg is oozing with an infectious enthusiasm and passion for audio in games.

He says it like it is, his candour marking a man and his audio team who are confident but not cocky about their vision and ability to deliver it. With the first Battlefield Bad Company in the bag, they had already been there and bought the t-shirt in some style. BC2 gave them the time and opportunity to build on a solid foundation and start pushing the boundaries in some surprising new ways.

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ATi_Elite3104d ago

I still have not touched the single player. I just can't stop playing the multi player.

Oh we are talking about the audio. The sound bytes from the multi player are AWESOME. too bad I can't quote my favorite ones.