New Gameplay Trailer for White Knight Chronicles 2 Reveals Level Cap Hike

With less than a month until the Japanese release of White Knight Chronicles 2, Level 5 has released a new gameplay trailer for the mmorpg. The trailer highlights new quests, equipment, weapons and Ark Knights for online play. It also shows that players level , which is currently capped at 50 in the first game, will reach as high as 63 in the sequel.

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TheHater3107d ago

That was epic. I really hope they get on the localization for WKC2 ASAP

WildArmed3107d ago

but i was hoping for atleast a lv99 limit this time around.

lv63 seems half-assed D:

But still day 1 pick up for me!

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3107d ago

No 2 year wait for localization please.

WildArmed3106d ago

As long as they have english subtitles and the text in english, i don't mind JP VO.
Because the Eng VO sucks like hell anyway.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3107d ago

The problem with WKC is that while the battle system's good for the mmo aspect it just doesn't translate too well into the single payer because it's too simple. And that makes the single player too easy because there's no real strategy, no challenge.

WildArmed3106d ago

Yeah definitely.
it's a game that treat's it's SP as a secondary thing.
It's like a tutorial to online.

It's the first successful console MMO i've played and I absolutely love it!

Bebedora3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Dear webadmins, can we have a own word filter replacement function? I want to be able to switch the word 'epic' with the word 'a real boner'.

And I want random monster creation system in a RPG so the fights wont be so generic. Obviously you always will have a stage while leveling up to be able to beat the next big-boss. Even SMT had it in the PS2 days. Well, sort of.

Then these forums would be more pleasant and RPGs more fun.