Medal of Honor Beta starts at July 5th

The announced Medal of Honor Beta starts, according to an entry of the online retailer at 05 July 2010.

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Crazyglues3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

I would say they are going to have to sell me on this one if they want me to buy the game, because the last medal of honors were pretty bah...

nothing special, and nothing to write home about..

So if they want me to buy this, they are indeed going to need a demo. A very impressive one...


Bolts3113d ago

That this article isn't about how the Medal of Honor series out sold Socom or something absurd like that.

WildArmed3113d ago

I'm surprised too.
How did real news sneak up on N4G?
I thought we had a highly talented screening group to make sure real news doesn't get by?


Anyways, I dont think I'mma jump on board just yet.
I want EA to say that there will be a beta, coz knowing them, they'll just rack up pre-orders, then decide not to do it.

-Mezzo-3113d ago

but hhow to get in the Beta. ?

RedSoakedSponge3113d ago

FFS. Read the article and maybe you'd actually know.

Johandevries3113d ago

Which idiot approves this?

Should be:

''Medal of Honor Beta starts at July 5th?''

Jack-Pyro3113d ago

No, No, No

First of all its, "Which of you idiots approved this?"

Secondly it's "the Medal of Honor Beta starts ON July 5th"

Grammar man away *woosh*

Johandevries3112d ago

''Which idiot'' or ''Which of you idiots depends'' on personal taste and the regard towards this community, although my personal view hasn't become all too positive recently.

Anyway stop being a grammar nazi towards people who have spent their lives learning other languages instead of lazy people from Anglosaxan areas, people who are already proud if they know one or two Spanish words. Stop being ridiculous and show some respect.

Instant_Classic3113d ago

Just do what I do, preorder the game then once you receive the beta code simply cancel your order :)

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