Parkour Racing Game 'FreeJack' Coming To North America

Ex:If you found yourself enjoying the acrobatic parkour thrills of Mirror's Edge, or perhaps the wilder ones of ProtoType and Assassin's Creed 2, this news is for you. GamerKraft, a free-to-play PC game portal, recently announced the 2nd title coming to their platform in the form of parkour racing gaming FreeJack.

And yes, it looks strikingly similar to a certain fan-favorite Dreamcast game called Jet Set Radio.

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Queasy3108d ago

LOL love the picture. She looks like she's about to land on the lady walking.

Does share a similar art style to Jet Set Radio.

shadowdancer3108d ago

I googled the developer (WiseOn) and couldn't find anything on them. Is this their first game?