Wanna learn how to draw? Nintendo can help you there

Nintendo is set to release an art aid game for the DS in august. It's called Art Academy: Learn painting and drawing techniques with step-by-step training and offers a wide range of skill levels.

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AliTheBrit193109d ago

Yep, because we all know that Nintendo now only cater to children or the elderly

(seriously, if you have seen any of the TV Ads in the UK, you will know what I'm talking about)

c64days3109d ago

I don't wanna learn to draw, nor practice sport. All i wan't is to play, can you do that NINTENDO?

ScubaSteve13109d ago

sweet i wanna learn how to draw since i cant

BannedForNineYears3109d ago

I have absolutely no drawing skills. -_-
And terrible penmanship.....It sucks..... =(

I'm even really bad with Illustrator......

Whenever I tell myself, "Okay, I'm going to try to draw a realistic face........", I end up making something like this.......

bjornbear3109d ago

pick up a pen

look at something

draw it

the rest is time and practice (and studying but you can google the tricks ;))

Aphe3109d ago

Yes but this is something I wouldn't have minded having when I was a kid. Mixing fun with learning, I don't see why that's a bad thing.

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