New Spider-Man game 'is not shit’

Activision says its new Spider-Man title will answer the criticisms made by the firm’s outspoken CEO Bobby Kotick.

The Activision boss said in January that recent Spider-Man games had ‘sucked’.

But the publisher is confident that its latest Spider-Man title – Shattered Dimensions – won’t be lambasted for its quality this time around.

“Shattered Dimensions is not shit,” associate producer Kevin Umbricht told MCV at a special Activision showcase.

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rroded3109d ago

sigh lets jus hope its half decent this time round eh...

Chubear3108d ago

but get banned for it while commenting? O.o

GWAVE3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Activision 'is sh*t'.

badz1493108d ago

yeah right! just like you said with MW2! sorry, my money's not for you bastard!

Rocket Sauce3108d ago

It'd be more proper to call it, "shitty," or, "a piece of shit."

DA_SHREDDER3108d ago

Its Treyarch thats making it. Of course its gonna be good. Anyone who played Ultimate Spiderman on the ps2 has a clue how much potential this game has.

ThanatosDMC3108d ago

Spiderman not swinging around in a city... yeah, tottally not sh!t... right...

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MysticStrummer3109d ago

Please please please let them include that review on the box when the game releases. "It's not shit !!! - Devs"

DarkFinalGod3108d ago

lmao man im thinking where they put ''exclusive'' to this console would be ''It's not shit'' i'll laugh hard at that one lol

HarryM3108d ago

That would be awesome but I don't think they would be allowed :S

jmare3108d ago

"It's not as bad as Herpes!"?

ReBurn3109d ago

I always die a little on the inside when awesome characters like comic book heroes end up in lousy games that miss their potential. I really hope that this game doesn't suck. But I'm jaded and, quite frankly, have no reason to believe that this game won't suck.

T9X693108d ago

I do, Activision is on the front cover.

ActionBastard3108d ago

I remain hopeful. What Rocksteady did with Batman makes me think, maybe, just maybe, this Spiderman game will rank up there with the only other licensed, non-movie tie-in I can think of that's worth a damn, Arkham. Of course, I usually think that AFTER I've smoked crack.

Baka-akaB3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

i just want Activision to let go of their marvel licenses or for them to at least expire. Especially when disney got a few competent studios , and would certainly acquire some more .

@Action Bastard

There is also the darkness , not the best game , but was certainly good and well crafted .

And there is no way activision would produce something even close in quality for marvel licenses

LeonSKennedy4Life3108d ago


As long as they keep the mechanics...I'll be ok. The sorry and voice acting in Web of Shadows were terrible! It was so fun that I didn't care though.

AssassinHD3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

I don't know man, if I have to destroy one more symbiote spawn nest I think I am going to kill someone. It is fun swinging through the city, but those optional quests are driving me crazy. Especially later in the game when all of the quests have like 5 levels.

It just becomes so monotonous when you do a quest, and then you have to do it again, but this time double the requirement, and then you have to do it again, but this time even more, and then you have to do it again, but more, and so on and so forth.

After getting over 2000 of those spider symbols in the city I am not sure if I have enough heart to continue getting the rest, even though they are on the map now.

Rocket Sauce3108d ago

I played this game for about 20 minutes, realized that a lot of the time Spidey was swinging from nothing at all, then took it back to the video store.

Seriously, you can climb to the top of a skyscraper, do that web-catapult maneuver, and swing from thin air. Why can't they build off the simple things that made Spiderman 2 fun?

ThanatosDMC3108d ago

EXACTLY! I missed being able to do all those awesome tricks in the air and that web catapult was awesome. Not to mention his moves and counters. Spiderman 2 was the most perfect Spiderman game. It had everything including air battles.

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