Is this Metal Gear Solid: Rising’s box art?

Scrawl: "This morning on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, Metal Gear Solid: Rising was updated from its old placeholder box art to the box art you see above."

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Raf1k13114d ago

He seems to be holding the spine of would could be a defeated cyborg enemy. Also, the thing on his back looks like a pretty cool weapon.

I can't wait to see some gameplay.

nanometric3114d ago

Looks like a light version of Fortunes/Crying Wolfes railgun, imho.

Focker4203114d ago

:crosses fingers: please be alien, please be alien, please be alien,.....

Everything else has aliens, so why not MGS, :rolls eyes:

Xbox 360, WTF?!

Sheikh Yerbouti3113d ago

Raf1k1...Dude me too. First thing I said..."Rail gun, huh? Day one"

Some folks hate the departure from the Solid series, but I look forward to the re-acquaintance. Hopefully Raiden and I will hit it off better this time.

Just. No. Naked. Somersaults. lol

Hellsvacancy3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

That thing on his back looks like sum sort of future electric guitar lol (i dont like it)

Apone3113d ago

I think it's some sort of subsonic stabilizer ;)

Man In Black3114d ago

Like with the previous games. It's been like that since Snake Eater, with NA getting some shitty CGI boxart, and EU getting Shinkawa's artwork.

sickbird3113d ago

i know right the NA boxart for MGS4 is terrible, good thing i got the special addition with the good artwork.

AAACE53114d ago

Where are the wavy lines that they have been talking about the past few days? You know, the one's they said replaces the old design to make way for Natal!

WildArmed3114d ago

lol Am I the only one that doesn't care about the box art?
At this point the game could be ANYTHING, we havn't seen a screenie as much as a video of gameplay.
I just cant help wonder if this game's development is going well at all.

Imperator3113d ago

This so not a Metal Gear Solid title.... Why is Solid even in the title? It should be called Metal Gear Rising (without the Solid).. eh.

BkaY3113d ago

it bothers me as well.. and i read in news that they haven't even contracted for snake voice over...

MGR sounds right to me..

E3 plz bring the tiny winy, insy winsy gameplay....


ps: i dont give a flying ratsass about the boxart... all i care about is what i am getting out of the dvd/bluray..

The_Firestarter3113d ago

That kept it as MGS:R for name brand recognition. I agree, MGR would be a MUCH better name, but what the fuck ever. This isn't even a TRUE MGS game.

Eamon3113d ago

Does this mean MGS Rising is going to be featured in MS's conference?
That would be a bit ironic.

Can't wait for E3 in a couple of days!

beardpapa3113d ago

He has some killer thighs. It's almost like he has a phat ass. Lol

solidt123113d ago

that box art is hot. I hope that is the real box art

Ninjews3113d ago

That has to b e Frank Jaeger. The game looks sweet, wonder if it will be like God of War?

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Snakefist303114d ago

It Looks Like Grey Fox To Me.

darkdoom30003114d ago

Fox did have white hair. so did raiden. oh shi-

Raiden was an orphan, raised by solidus. Raiden's father is...... grey fox! confirmed by me.

xaviertooth3114d ago

if that's the boxart, it'll blend really well with the PS3 gamecase better than the green theme of the 360.

MiloGarret3114d ago

lol, you just can't help yourself can you?

Parapraxis3114d ago

Sorry xaviertooth, but that just sounded desperate lol.

darkdoom30003114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )


comments like that make us PS3 fans look bad.

Scott6673114d ago

While I do agree (I've never really liked the green casing of my 360 games), this is a very silly comment to make.

R2D23114d ago Show
Jack-Pyro3114d ago

Its no fucking wonder you only have one bubble left, come on man, at least troll harder!

BkaY3113d ago

i just realize that i have wasted my bub on a one bub dude..

silly me...

btw... it wouldnt hurt you a bit to act like a gamer not a hater...

whom im kiddin...never mind..


Sheikh Yerbouti3112d ago

Its the whole tone or what you wrote. It sounds desperate, even. I'm sorry but...


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