Project Natal: The World Awaits

Guerrilla Play Writes: Only three days separate the world from Microsoft's new 3D motion camera called Project Natal. The conference is scheduled for Sunday June 13Th at 330pm. The conference is media invite only. However you can watch the conference live at and will also air Tuesday on MTV.

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JeffGUNZ3108d ago

Nice read. I agree completely. They need to show some AAA quality games and have a fair price point. I am pumped to see what they have produced with this tech.

xxLuckyStrike3108d ago

Cant wait to see what Natal can do!!!

outrageous3108d ago

Sunday June 13 the entire gaming community around the world we be there. No pressure.

Smootherkuzz3108d ago

I think it will be good at the begining and be great as time goes on. It will take time for the games most people want to see using Natal to be made, they will come, as for the price heck there is going to be add ons either software or hardware for consoles, this is what it comes down to as always, if want it and like it then buy it if you don't like it then don't buy it.Keep gaming and having fun.