MS on Natal: The future of entertainment is here

The future of home entertainment - like that seen in sci-fi movies - will be in stores this Christmas. That future is Project Natal, says Chris Lewis, VP, Interactive Entertainment Business, EMEA, Microsoft.

Lewis said: "We've all seen similar things in films set in the future, but that future is here and will be on the shelves for Christmas."

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DelbertGrady3111d ago

"Ten years ago we launched the original Xbox, and ten years on we are launching Project Natal, which will free people from the controller for gaming and entertainment," Lewis told MCV. "It will work with every Xbox 360 and when you get to use it across different games and entertainment experiences it really is revolutionary."

They better back it up with some incredible software.

GrieverSoul3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

Well, they couldnt of said it otherwise. ;)

2 things I hope for Natal:

1- They change its name! Natal means Xmas in Portuguese. :P
2- They back it up with some great software. Thats my concern on the Natal tech! Software that makes it revolutiony. The tech already is but its all in the software.

fryday3111d ago

Natal is also a City Brazil (?)

MS usually names projects after Cities. They chose Natal, because a very important developer of Project Natal comes from there.

ceedubya93111d ago

Don't forget another big one:

3- They need to price it well.

If they want this thing in people's homes, then they need to make it accessible for impulse buys.

MNicholas3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

so I'd be surprised if the hardware failed.

It's the control software that takes the webcam feed and converts it into control inputs that worries me.

What they've shown so far has a lot of lag and appears inaccurate and glitchy.

As I've said for more than a year, Natal is the 360's last chance to get out of last place.

2010 sales

Wii: 6M (100% more than 360)
PS3: 4M (33% more than 360)
360: 3M

Ever since the PS3 and Wii came out, they've both outsold the 360. Microsoft has to do something big and do it at E3.

van-essa3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

I don't like the direction these consoles are taking (Move, Natal, WiiMote... fanboys...) I think I'm going back to PC gaming.

ceedubya93111d ago

I'm actually excited for Move. It seems as though it will do what the Wii does, without the need for batteries. And when I get in the mood, I can always go back to the regular dualshock for my main games. My wife and I will enjoy using Move.

I'm looking forward to Natal as well, but I'm on a wait and see approach at the moment.

van-essa3111d ago

I never bought a Wii, so I'm not interested in Move either. And the recent Natal video killed the little interest I had for it.

GAM3R7l3111d ago

Motion controls are an option....a lot of games don't/won't support motion controls, so you don't have to buy Move or Natal if you don't have an interest. But go ahead and "go back to PC gaming" know, where you DO have to buy the lastest technology, to enjoy the latest games. ;)

AAACE53111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

He said it would work with every Xbox 360 game! I want to see if it will work with first person shooters! I believe Natal can do some good things, but I am still not sold on it working with certain types of games.

Hopefully, these answers will come at E3!

@anzagi... The 360 can use flash drives now, so the HDD issue with arcade units is not really that much of an issue anymore. Even the people who had 20 GB HDD's, only had 13 Gb's. You can connect up to 16 Gb's for flash, so technically, it's like having a regular HDD.

Finch3110d ago

Sure it will work with FPS. Its already been said Natal will work with a controler like a hybrid of the two. You add in both a controler and Natal and im sure they can do amazing things still yet to be seen. Natal not only works by itself, but it does work with a controler too and thats the part im looking forward to seeing.

tinybigman3111d ago

Regular controllers for my gaming needs. No need to make myself look like an idiot.

Christopher3111d ago

I'm uneasy that they bring up its 'entertainment' value more than they do its 'gaming' value.

GWAVE3111d ago

I want to see how this can truly advance hardcore gaming. Nintendo already tried motion controls on the Wii, and we've seen how it hasn't changed hardcore gaming at all. F.y.i, talking to a digital Milo kid or swatting away colored bouncy balls does not advance hardcore gaming, nor does moving through the dashboard with hand motions and voice commands.

Milamber3111d ago

The flustered approach to motion controlled gaming on both sides is laughable. Nintendo used motion control to make a quick buck without having to build expensive hardware. It worked for Nintendo, sure, but it's getting old now. I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo ditched motion tech next gen and and used all their wii money to pummel Ms/Sony with innovation AND hardware capability.

MNicholas3110d ago

Work with every 360? Are there any accessories that don't?

Should be interesting to see if they have th Milo demo at E3 or just the same fake video.

Molyneux's company has been working on that thing for years so it's about time they showed something for all the funding they've received from Microsoft.

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Omega43111d ago

"It will work with every Xbox 360"

The fact they keep repeating this obvious fact really makes it seem like there's definitely going to be a Slim, because there's only one type of 360, for now anyway.

yoghurt3111d ago

I think that comment means that you dont need a hard drive, so all 360's, even without a hard drive?

ceedubya93111d ago

It is kind of odd that they keep reminding us of this. I would expect that it would work with every 360, as you said all 360's are pretty much the same right now. I guess we'll find out soon enough if there was any hidden meaning in that.

Anzagi: I don't know. I would think that everything that they make would have the base arcade model in mind when they create it.

TheMART3111d ago

Truth Soda, but then again we'll see coming Sunday at their Natal presentation I guess.

Its a short wait to see if they deliver. They must have a lot up their sleeve as up till now we've only seen that ballgame.

Only thing we know is that about 70% of all current gamedevs are working on 'something' for Natal in some form. IMO that can't all be crap, but on the other side it also could mean a lot of casual stuff done well but not interesting for us.

I'm set for E3 for sure, on ALL news, including the normal 'hardcore' games and also Move. I just want to see all stuff working already and gameplay, lots of gameplay on many, many games that are already announced.

Mista T3111d ago

theres not much you can do without buttons

TheMART3111d ago

1st if you think in old patterns, within the box you could believe thats the case. But its not
2nd what about a combination of the cam with the normal 360 controller, to still be able to use the buttons, or even integrate another handheld device controller fit for one hand in the future if real buttons are missed for certain experiences?

Its all possible. But hey again, watch the Natal presentation this E3 and you'll know. I know I'm curious what MS will show exactly.

Erotic Sheep3111d ago

"2nd what about a combination of the cam with the normal 360 controller, to still be able to use the buttons, or even integrate another handheld device controller fit for one hand in the future if real buttons are missed for certain experiences?"

Microsoft has been hammering all the time that Natal is so great because it doesn't require the use of any controller and that is what the media is interested in. Would be pretty retarded if they suddenly combine it with a controller, considering MOVE does the exact same and Natal wouldn't be so awesome as it was claimed to be, dont you think? :\

ceedubya93111d ago

I believe that they understand that the hands free approach doesn't work with everything. For some games you don't need to use a controller. They drive that point home because, well, what other console offers that expereience?

But that doesn't mean controllers are not needed, and Microsoft has never led anyone to believe that. I don't consider it to retarded if you combine Natal with a controller. To me that is just a bonus, and another way to interact with your game. If anything, people should be happy to not be limmited to jumping and waving around.

candystop3111d ago

Yeah just when exactly did MS say no controller would be needed ever or peripheral? Just because Sony said buttons are needed doesn't mean MS doesn't know that. If anybody knows about Project Natal it's MS not Sony. Come Sunday our answers will be given and from that point we can form a true opinion..

Obama3110d ago

The fact is you can't play games like fps and tps efficiently without a controllers. Using Natal on these games will be tiring and impractical. Who wants to pretend their hand as a gun for 2 hours?

Calm Down Sunshine3111d ago

Show me a game with running in it, running with a gun/sword/anything.
For me this seems like it's going to be the biggest problem facing developers, how do you implement a run feature without making it feel like a chore to be playing your video games.

PS3and4_HAS_GAMES3111d ago

the only way i see that working is having a game where the player is automatically running and you turn which way to go...but that would be stupid...i think micro shot themselves in the foot with this one

Calm Down Sunshine3111d ago

Thinking about it...

How are they going to implement any kind of movement that's more than a few steps to the side? Even a walk would be difficult...

The Wood3111d ago

is a lean of the upper body in the desired direction...In truth people should stop looking for hardcore type games from now. Most hardcore games AND many casual games need precision and accuracy.

Like the majority in here have already stated; time and software WILL tell all


never even thought of that you have me wondering what they can actually do now

Qui-Gon Jim3111d ago

Like in that Burnout Natal demo, step one foot forward to move forward. Then you could just turn your shoulders to turn, lean to the side to strafe. There are very smart people who get paid a lot of money to come up with ideas, let's have some faith in those people.

The main problem with incorporating Natal into traditional games is the hit to the processor. Graphics and/or physics and/or A.I. need to be sacrificed to run Natal. I see natal getting used mainly for mini-games and other isolated situations in core games, partly depending on how quickly it can be switched on and off.

boodybandit3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Can you imagine trying to play Assassin's Creed II with Natal/Wave? I just don't see this happening. Anyone that has played AC knows how next to impossible this would be without a controller. Especially when you are completely surrounded by guards. How would the camera track you if you have to turn and fight them and how would you know when to block, counter or attack if you were facing away from the tv/display?

I just don't see how this will be implementing in anything but very casual games or a supplement / add on with a controller in hardcore games. Sunday will be here in a blink of an eye for all us to see for ourselves.

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