Complete 3D Experience Hits UK Shops

PLAY 3D games in the home for first time ever

WATCH 3D films such as Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and FIFA World Cup highlights from your own home

MARVEL at the next instalment of Spiderman in 3D coming soon to cinemas

SEE the world’s greatest superstars come to life in the living room with 3D performances from SIA, Shakira, and Jimi Hendrix

ENJOY via 3D TVs, Blu-ray players, home cinema systems, PS3 consoles, cameras and laptops

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ShadyDevil3114d ago

I think its to expensive!

Slient Knight 93114d ago

yeah it is, should get cheaper over time like blu-ray did i was looking into a new tv, i guess i'll wait see how 3d tv's do.

3114d ago
ravinash3114d ago

I would give it a year or two.

Just spent all my money on getting married, so it will be a while before I could afford it anyway.

dangert123114d ago

or 3
this is were i think sony went wrong even though what the doing is good an is puting the ps3 well ahead some people are still not ready for HD never mind 3d it should of been a next gen assest with them focusing on somthing else

snp3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

Depends on the tele. Samsung Plasma's are pretty cheap - well, as far as these things go. Mark up over equiv specs tv without 3d is only a few hundred dollars, and you get quite a few bonuses to offset that (4 pairs glasses, Monsters V Aliens 3d Bluray disc, 3d Bluray Player).

I'm sorely tempted. Need a new television for main lounge atm. Humming and haring between getting one of these, or something cheaper just to last me a few years till oled's are out.

Viewed a demo in store today. Really is quite spectacular, some of it. Not sure if the glasses will give me a headache, though. Think i am leaning towards buying one...

Btw, in case it's of interest to anyone, they - this is the Samsung 3d Plasma's - are selling like hotcakes apparently. In Victoria (Australia) there's 1200 unfilled backorders and counting. Samsung is supposidly pulling all the stops to get as many as they can into the country asap, but basically the demand is just too big for them to keep up with atm.

They're expecting a few hundred in by the start of next month, but that'll only fill a quarter or a third of the backorders already placed. God knows when i'll have one if i put in an order..

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Krugsy3114d ago

I'd be totally interested to see what the World Cup would look like in 3D. Broadcast sports would be fascinating, just to see what a televised sport would look like in 3D.

YoungKingDoran3114d ago

with 3d and move... this is gunna be awesome. even simple ping pong games will be amazing