iPhone 4: not as good as Apple promises?

Cynamite reports: Samsung and an us display scientiest claim that the all new retina display of the iPhone 4 is not as good as Apple promises.

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hamoor3110d ago

Can't we just wait till the phone is released???
Till then am very happy with my nexus one (:

Christopher3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

I love my iPhone for the apps + phone + media player. Is there another phone out there that can provide me with the same level and quality of games and options I've gotten from my iPhone/iTunes? If so, then I'll start nit-picking over which one displays at a larger resolution.

P.S. Will Shortz KenKen rocks.

goalweiser3109d ago

I wonder when the Nexus 2 is coming or if it will ever come. I really love my Evo but that Nexus 1 had my eye for a while. 4G FTW on Sprint for now.

I can say this...the iPhone doesn't even beat the Evo's statistics or the Wave's yet. It will be seriously behind next June.

tablav3110d ago

No matter how you look at it, the iPhone is a great piece of kit. It tends to play catch up with the features on other phones, but when it does catch up it tends to do things better. That and the app support makes it the strongest Smartphone in my eyes.

That being said, I think the look of the 4 isn't as good as the 3GS and all the best new features are coming in ios4 anyway.

Steve Jobs went on about how AMAZING video calling was, but then said you could only use it on Wi-Fi. Kind of defeats the object don't you think?

astar1234567893110d ago

but just remember when 4g comes out next year it will work facetime, so i cant wait for feb when i can upgrade maybe ill just wait until the iphone 4g comes out next year around this time

Nicolee3110d ago

so gonna wait for another year ?

siliticx3110d ago

AT&T can barely manage to build in tethering... imagine facetime.

Apparently the 3G network isnt up yet to support thins kind of communication data (has to takeup a lot of bandwidth...) so yeah, its cell co's we need to blame.

frankymv3110d ago

Samsung is already shitting bricks.

hoops3110d ago

Not really. They are releasing the Samsung Galaxy S and hardware wise its a step above the iPhone and uses the new Super AMOLED Screen.
Then you have the upcoming dual core Android phones coming before the holiday season.
It just got a little bit harder for Apple to claim dominance these days in the Smart Phone area

kwyjibo3110d ago

They're shitting bricks so hard, that their only problem is keeping their OLED production up with demand.

The Wood3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

solid phone i must say, the screen is second to none

hoops3110d ago

And the Wave does something Apple said only the iPhone does...
Run 720p Video at 30fps...
The wave and most upcoming Androind and even WINMO7 phones will do.

The Wood3110d ago

tv out mkv, divx xvid supported out of the box. Im sure there are things the wave can do that the iphone cant and vice versa its just that the wave does more of the things i want than the iphone.

TheIneffableBob3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Samsung's Super AMOLED is better than Apple's IPS display in most regards. Contrast, black levels, viewing angles, outdoor performance in sunlight, colors -- all better on Super AMOLED. One thing that Apple's display does better is sharpness due in part to its 960x640 resolution.

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Saps3110d ago

Hold it right there. An Apple product which isn't as good as Apple make it out to be?

Goddamn. I must be seeing stars.

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