PSN: 3D Games Collection is live

The first 3D games are available over PSN. You're able to download a special 3D Games Collection, which includes PAIN, Super Stardust HD, WipeOut HD and a Demo of MotorStorm: Pacific Rift.

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Krugsy3111d ago

I wonder how many have gotten a 3DTV. Anyone gotten one here yet? They haven't been released here yet. I'd love to get one if I had the $$.

ActionBastard3111d ago

Got a 65in 3D Mitsubishi. Now I need glasses :/

crematory3111d ago

i stop looking to TV technologies after i bought my BRAVIA X-SEREIS ,that cost more that my fist car,lol
also i think that not be the end cause i heard OLED TV COMING SOON,LAZER TV..list go on

basicsameh5143111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

all i need is a new tv and some glasses and im good to go.. so 2000$

kingdavid3111d ago

Im gonna wait a couple of years till we get some better models

CaptainMarvelQ83111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

im going to try and make me some cheap ass 3d glasses
check this out

TheMART3111d ago

But then you still need a 3D capable TV. Although I've heard that 120Hz screens should be able to do the 3D trick of putting 2 x 60Hz changing images on screen. Not sure though if every TV would as its also software related or something like that. Haven't read into the 3D stuff enough for knowing it exactly.

3D only gets interesting to me if there are multiple big name games are out, like Motorstorm 3, Killzone 3 and another couple of those, plus a screen thats reasonable priced, and by preference without using dumbass glasses.

Probably not until summer 2011. And if its still overpriced with dumb glasses, I'll first take a bigger PC monitor that does the trick for just my gamingloft/gaming only and will step in a year later with a normal bigger TV.

Mr Logic3111d ago

Nobody cares about red and blue (Anaglyph) 3D

jaseo3111d ago

Samsung have been marketing their 3DTV heavily. However, get a 3D Bravia and receive the codes that enable free download of the 3D game versions!

I recommend a large screen ;)

DigitalAnalog3111d ago

The Samsung 3D "46" screen with 120hz for about USD$2000 w/ installments is certainly too good to pass up. But I'll wait till the Bravia ships in it's 3D TV's here officially so they can compete with the prices.

-End statement

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