Wikipedia Game will kill your day entirely

Destructoid: People have been playing the Wikipedia Game, as it's known, for some time now. But now there's an automated version up at which is absurdly addictive. You're given a page to start on and a page to find within 150 seconds and in as few clicks as possible. That's pretty much all there is to it. Fun as it is to try and come up with paths between the mass of information on Wikipedia, my favorite part of this is seeing how everyone else manages to reach their destinations.

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djsean3110d ago

Awesome site but loads very slow. But good tool for those boring times :D

Quagmire3110d ago

And those without consoles or games...

dgroundwater3110d ago

This is exactly what my friends and I would play in the computer lab in High School. From almost any Wikipedia page, we could click our way to Adolf Hitler's in around 3 clicks.

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