Nintendo: Wii bubble has not burst

Nintendo of Europe managing director Laurent Fischer has denied claims that the Wii bubble has burst, pointing to strong sales momentum and a large untapped audience.

Asked by MCV if the Wii bubble had popped, Fischer said: "I think you just need to look at the facts to see this is not true - we achieved global sales of 20 million units of Wii in the last financial year alone."

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Gr813106d ago

Understand how a bubble like Wii can burst, when month in month out, year in and year out it is the best selling console by a large margin.

ZoidsRaven3106d ago

Because fanboys say so. And that is waaaay better then logic. 7_7

Shnazzyone3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Is really just wishful thinking. Unfortunately for the people on this site. Reality is never as much fun as their manufactured reality where sales numbers don't matter.

Also, that new wii bundle is pretty hot.

Venox20083106d ago

..only wii haters want to believe so :D

eagle213106d ago

Nintendo knows what they are doing whether fanboys want to believe it or not. I bet the Wii will win Christmas yet again. :)

na-no-nai3106d ago

well the wii bubble burst in their mind cuz they cant face reality that the wii sales are killing other consoles. also most third parties know they cant compete