B4HD: Reboot: Capcom

B4HD writes: With Capcom delving deep into the back catalogue and reinvigorating old licenses, it’s time to decide what we as fans really want to see next from the creators of Mega Man, Devil May Cry and Viewtiful Joe. Here then are the five Capcom games that are crying out for a new shot of life…

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Aphe3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

I would love to see an update to Strider. I loved that game, spent a fortune in the arcade on it. Didn't actually complete it until I got it on MAME though.

aftrdark213112d ago

Strider was the first game I thought of when I read the title. I remember playing it on my NES.

Krugsy3112d ago

Capcom vs SNK would be awesome. I can never get enough of the cross brand fighting games.

dirthurts3112d ago

But I want to see a new Comix Zone bad!

Krugsy3112d ago

Wow thats a blast from the past. Man, I would love to try out that game again.

I still think they do. Predominately for nostalgia reason. But hey I still love playing them.

dredgewalker3112d ago

I would love to play Final Fight in hi-res pixels as beautiful as Guilty Gear's.

Comix Zone was a blast to play and i have the game in my genesis emulator.

dredgewalker3112d ago

I wonder if beat-em ups still have a place in this gaming era. Capcom made lots of those types of games back in the old arcade days.

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