Peter Moore: Natal will "help democratise gaming"

EA Sports President Peter Moore has told GamerZines that he thinks Microsoft's upcoming motion control interface, codenamed Project Natal, will "help democratise gaming", saying that "breaking down the barriers to accessibility has always been an issue for Microsoft", and that he doesn't think the Xbox 360 is "the 'shooterbox' that it once was".

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blizzard_cool3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Please people, please forgive me for this but..... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH

DarkFinalGod3110d ago

man let him say his opinion weather its wrong or not doesnt matter lol i havent heard of him lately :P

DelbertGrady3110d ago

And I'm sure more nervous laughter will ensue as E3 and the big Natal showcase draws nearer.

MNicholas3110d ago

Then again, he was smart enough to leave Microsoft before the future failure of that division became obvious to everyone.

MajestieBeast3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

He is right its not the shooter box anymore its the big red ball shooterbox.

hamoor3110d ago

Look at the bright side... Atleast you won't get any shooter with natal (:

madkrazygames3110d ago

I'm still on the fence about Natal so I'm going to wait to see how this new device works out for them.

Optical_Matrix3110d ago

To be honest, I agree with Moore. IF Natal succeeds, along with a possible rebranding, Microsoft can change the image of their systems. It won't be known as the console for Shooter Junkies anymore and, you can see MS already laying the foundations for this with their huge push for JRPG's this generation for example.
It'll be interesting to see how Natal effects the Xbox image. It personally hasn't convinced me yet but if it succeeds, more than anything it may change the Xbox image. Which is a good thing for Microsoft.

zorglub3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

The problem is Xbox brand is associated with preteen shooter fans and it won't change tomorrow.

This is another reason why Natal has around zero chance to succeed, it's ignoring completely what makes the 360 crowd.

Grannies or rich educated adults like me had zero interest in the 360, so there's no chance they sell a 360 peripheral to them...

It wouldn't change "gaming" at all anyway, since all Natal does is copying Sony Eyetoy. Ricochet existed more than 5 years ago, it's called Eyetoy games (check videos, it's exactly the same). It wasn't fun by then and it still isn't fun today.

Omega43110d ago

"Grannies or rich educated adults like me had zero interest in the 360, so there's no chance they sell a 360 peripheral to them"

Natal is about expanding the 360s audience and selling consoles to new people, not just selling the peripheral to current owners. You really think Nintendo had casuals buying SNES's, NES's, N64's and Gamecubes? NO!

If MS gets the advertising right they can change their image and have a chance of becoming just as successful as nintendo has.

wicked3110d ago

You say you are educated, and yet you say copying the eyetoy, Sony has done very little with the Eyetoy.

hamoor3110d ago

LOL rich educated adult my ass
You're just a sad immature troll

zag3110d ago

People say the 360 is for the hardcore crowd.

MS is wanting it to be a casual fest, with people running around using natal.

In real life though, these things generally don't work as your running around the cleared out room so the 5 year olds don't smash anything while using it.

Adults won't use it as they will stand around not move enough do crap at the game and get fed up with the whole thing.

Companies think people running around in front of their tv is the next big thing but it's not really, Sony have tried this a few times and it's not worked out in the long term.

How many people does anyone know who got a Wii and still use it after 3 months.

I only know of 1 and their kids us it not them and everyone else has sold it to get a PS3 as that's getting the new new stuff in terms of games etc.

IdleLeeSiuLung3109d ago

As far as I can tell the same type of games released prior to Natal is still scheduled to be released in the future... so I don't think Natal is a threat to the hardcore demographics.

I'm pretty sure Treyarch, Infinity Ward, Epic Games, and all the other big game makers aren't going to stop developing hardcore games for the Xbox 360 (and the PS3) just to focus on Natal.

So this point is moot! Xbox Live is known as the premier (wether it is or not) online network for gaming and has arguably the largest shooter under it's wings. I doubt they will let their most lucrative market disappear.

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hamoor3110d ago

I don't agree with you
Microsoft dont care about their image atleast not about that the Xbox 360 is for shooter's
And by the way the Xbox 360 have a lot of jrpg's because Microsoft wants to win the Japanese market and not for changing their image

3110d ago
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