'West ahead of Japan creatively, technologically' - Namco

The West has surpassed Japan in terms of its creative and technological output in the video games industry according to Namco Bandai vice president Olivier Comte.

"It's complicated for me to talk but what I can say is - and this is me speaking as a consumer - five to ten years ago Japanese developers were at the top worldwide," Comte told CVG When asked whether the Japanese games industry is dieing.

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kalebgray923110d ago

we have a world wide web war... WWWI

mikeslemonade3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

I agree, can't argue with that.

TotalPS3Fanboy3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Just like at Tekken 6. Worst graphics for any Tekken game ever.

Tekken games have always had the best graphics of at its time. What happned, Namco?

AAACE53109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

The west my be ahead of japan in this area, but one thing they can never take from japanese games is their character! Their games just have something that the west can't copy.

The arcadey games just have a charm about them that is light hearted, entertaining and about pure fun! A lot of us have moved past these types of games in favor of more realistic or bloody games. But every now and then, it's just fun to play a game that is about... FUN!

I remember a time when games used to be about just relaxing and doing something. Now you have people who should be playing these arcadey type games in a multiplayer match with you trying to shoot or knife you while you're trying to win a match!

Goofy people in serious games aren't a good match!

xaviertooth3110d ago

ok it's from namco... but that's according to a non-japanese guy.

anyway who cares really?

MexicanAppleThief3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Speak for your self Namco. Team Ico is way more talented than all of Namco and SE combined. Straight from Digital foundry article ICO and Shadow of the Colossus:

'The engineers produced a close emulation of HDR lighting, tone-mapping and motion blur (including per-object - wow!). Astonishingly the SCE team even mimicked something approximating the look of the kind of fur pixel shaders seen in PS3 titles like LittleBigPlanet. Programmable pixel shaders were still in their infancy when Shadow of the Colossus was produced, and the PS2 hardware itself offers no support for them, so the inclusion of an equivalent effect within the game was all the more phenomenal'.


'The terrain streaming mechanics, the brilliant physics and the shadowing systems were remarkable for their time. Indeed, Shadow of the Colossus even features character self-shadows and cloth simulation. There's also an outstanding implementation of volumetric fog, adding another layer of atmosphere and ambience to the game'.

And that was on PS2 hardware. The potential of their PS3 game 'The Last Guardian' is already nothing short of spectacular.

zatrox3109d ago

And oh boy, here we go.
People seem to forget of the best games this gen are Japanese, like it or not.

Duraji3109d ago

I disagree. Which games from Japan have been so great? The only ones I know of were from Nintendo first parties. All the other great games this generation came from western developers.

It's all a matter of taste, though, so I'm just curious as to what you enjoyed. :)

zatrox3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

I've enjoyed Armored Core, Bayonetta, Tales of Vesperia, Demon's Souls, Shin megami tensei: Strange Journey, Etrian Odyssey, Lost Odyssey, BlazBlue, y'know, games like that. I also like Western games, so I could care less if a game's japanese or western, as long as it's good.

Spydr073109d ago

Japanese devs did a much better job appealing to the western audience before they started trying to appeal to the western audience.

Dread3109d ago

very good point


nickjkl3109d ago

mostly because we are a bunch of weaboos we dont want to play things that others think we want to play usually we play things that are unusual

i got into fps because of korean fps i got into rpgs because of japanese mmos turned into a serious racing fanatatic after playing some japanese drifting game

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