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Chris19423049d ago

I'm thinking Bohemian Rhapsody will be good. Much better than it's gonna be on GH6, but the rest of it?

I hate the White Stripes :(

Dr-ZOOM3049d ago

Boy I love this avatar 8D

MiamiACR3049d ago

Kicking some ass on the keyboard and working those fingers to the bone, all the while wearing thick black glasses and swaying my head like Ray Charles while playing a custom made keyboard cat remake. Looking forward to it, keyboard cat here I come!

Jamegohanssj53049d ago

All the 80's song, Queen, Doors, and Jane's Addiction rule, but the rest suck. GH6 still wins.


Barca_V_V3048d ago

rock band will always be the "winner" coz of dlc. the disc is just a portal to the huge amount of downloaded songs

kingspoonian3049d ago

I don't understand why half of the songs don't have a keyboard part at all. What's the point of shelling out the cash for the guitar, if the songs aren't going to make use of it?

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idiotwind3049d ago

The set-list will catch up, I'll bet, as soon as the artists and their labels see how great the new peripherals are. That keyboard looks amazing, simply because it's actually a keyboard. The shifting of the track to allow everything to appear on screen is brilliant. I love this game already.

ZootHornRollo3049d ago

if hendrix's sister signed a deal to put his music in this game its a fucking joke. and as for prog bands. i'll go ahab if they start putting real music in those games. last thing i need is some little kid talking to me about tarkus or another epic sone with keyboards they just heard about.

king crimson was just a start

Redempteur3049d ago

Next évolution ... we can use our midi-enabled intruments in rock band 4!!

calling it now

kingspoonian3049d ago

I really hope they let you do this too. I somehow doubt it, though :(

Redempteur3049d ago

i know ..who would pass the opportunity to sell more plastic instruments ??

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The story is too old to be commented.