Xbox 360 Slim a ‘possibility’ for E3

MCVUK: Analyst thinks redesigned console could be revealed at trade show, along with Xbox Live enhancements

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Krugsy2960d ago

I might finally re-purchase one if the price is right (My first one was sold). They really should get a wireless adapter built in though, the add-0n is just too pricey. I'd love to give Alan Wake and Reach a run.

LTC2960d ago

Thats right bend over for M$ and greenburg and u will soon look like your avatar.

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HarryM2960d ago

I'm looking forward to the changes they'll be making to Xbox Live. Remember, they had to stop the original Xbox Live?

Cold 20002960d ago

I think its pretty much an evidence by now with the boxart redesign and natal launch.

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The story is too old to be commented.