Xenoblade live stream

Livestream of Xenoblade on

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ClownBelt3107d ago

It looks like a PS1 game.

MechaGear3107d ago

You're obviously not old enough to tell ^^

RedPawn3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

First off the this MENU screen has good music, and from what it looks like is that it will be very robust.

I'm supporting this title day 1.

Man lately I've been getting a good vibe from games that just DO, and don't need to explain WHY.

na-no-nai3106d ago

look really nice. like monster hunter graphic. hopefully better

Mahr3106d ago

Some of the textures leave a bit to be desired, but on the other hand, that's some pretty crazy draw distance they're working with.

Shnazzyone3106d ago

Sat their watching the characters run around collecting stones for what must have been 7 to 8 minutes. I was seriously getting bored until i saw them take on a gargantuan robot bug 40 times the size of them... like lost planet 2 big. Guess that's why the character models were so meh, they have to exist in this world where they fight monsters the relative size of skyscrapers.

Can't say i understood one part of the battle system however, i swear i almost see motion options in the symbols, but can't be positive.

Really cool to see something like that streamed live.