Qriocity Coming to the PS3?

Qriocity, Sony’s media streaming service that uses PSN IDs to sign in, has mostly been associated with electronics such as televisions and Blu-Ray Players. But could it be coming to your PS3 soon?

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T3mpr1x3086d ago

It's a video streaming service, usually built-in to Sony devices. So my guess would be yes, though I've yet to try it out.

Redrum0593086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

Never heard of it, but seems interesting. If these rumors r true then this qriocity thing might be tied to the psn premium service rumor aswell.

not trying to attack u or anything but netflix is actualy the poor mans resort to watching movies, yes it's streaming, but someone with lots of money would probably just watch his or her movies in true 1080p bluray quality instead of netflix which doesn't do true 1080p. Not hating on netflix but I'm just saying, wen it comes to true blockbuster hits, I go with bluray son, netflix is for watch those movies that seem interesting but not a big hit.
But ofcourse if u don't have a bluray player in your mighty pc or a ps3 or a stand alone bluray player then u probably don't know wat I'm talking about. Hav fun watching netflix on your pc monitor.

zootang3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

Sony Pictures would beg to differ

P.s Netflix would lose a lot of great films if it were not for Sony Pictures

KingTavy3086d ago

Hopefully it has more up to date stuff or leads to the video store having a subscription base instead of its current pay per vid option

3086d ago
mal_tez923086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

I read every one of thebudgetgamer's comments in Moss' voice.

On topic: I would not really use it if was there, but I can't see why it would be bad to have it

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KiLLAxMAHN3086d ago

Go to and try logging in it will have the Qriocity logo next to PSN.

Tony-A3086d ago

It's on any gaming site that let's you sign in through PSN.

It's on the playstation site as well.

Anti-Fanboyer3086d ago

over consumers

I don't think Netflix would be happy with Sony if this happens.

Redrum0593086d ago

If this qriocity thing is true then they might have a big advantage over netflix since netflix is disk manditory. In that case I hope qriocity is true... And I wish vidzone would come to America too, no one can ever get enough of endless streaming of music vids.

KingTavy3086d ago

This would probably get Netflix to finally get around to making it possible to use their service without a disc

ThatArtGuy3086d ago

Makes me wish I was home in the States sometimes. I'm still waiting for the video store to make it up here in Canada.

T3mpr1x3086d ago

@KingTavy, not sure if that's possible with their supposed deal with Microsoft...But it has been a while since that started, perhaps it's due to lapse soon.

vhero3086d ago

The thing with this is who would care about netflix if you have a better alternative?? Netflix can get as angry as they like and if they wanna tackle Sony. They could just remove there license to stream Sony Pictures movies.. I reckon they should do that anyways if this service goes live as nothing worse than competing with yourself.

arakouftaian3086d ago

This servise will take part of the new Sony psn servise
games servise not movies only,
It will be nice if I can rent digital games .

jashwin3086d ago

Stop comparing this service to netflix. Qriocity offers LATEST MOVIES ON DEMAND, whereas in netflix, you can watch an average selection of old and somewhat new movies for free. I can't watch alice in wonderland with netflix, but I can in Qriocity(IF I PAY!). Netflix shouldn't be scared. Also, what about zune service on xbox? It's similar to Qriocity.

I'm just happy that PSN is maturing. Just 5 days till E3!

KingTavy3086d ago

Considering its suppose to be latest on Demand I'd rather have this service instead of netflix unless the fee is murder

Redrum0593086d ago

I did not know this about qriocity. Now I'm starting to gain much interest, E3 can't come any sooner.
+bubbles to u sir, hope u make it to your 5th
I'm still on my 3rd :(

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