PS3 Firmware v1.90 Live in North America

The North American update has arrived and is ready for download. For Killzone fans out there, will provide some custom Killzone wallpapers soon so stay tuned.

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Phantom_Lee4162d ago

I just finished with the do you guys use for background..

ChanDangle4162d ago

Actually as much as I wanted the wallpaper, I can't seem to get over the "lifeflow" background so I still have it on there. But it's good to know that I have that option available.

clownfacemcgee4162d ago

Yea, the lifeflow kind of grows on you. Like that benign cyst on your forehead.

Robotz Rule4162d ago

Downloading it as I speak ;)

highps34162d ago

Man for a free service Sony sure is up to speed with the updated features as well as updates to the store.

Seriously love my Ps3.

aiphanes4162d ago

Its like christmas in July!

Rythrine4162d ago

Gamesradar has some custom wallpapers. Check'em out

I took the MGS4 one. Snake looks more badass in a big screen tv.

Fighter4162d ago

Thanks for the link, pics look good but I don't like the GAMESRADAR text on it. Hopefully PSN will have a section on wallpapers soon.

Rythrine4162d ago

No problem. I was thinking about that too. I just hope that if they do implement a PSN section for wallpapers, they won't charge us for it.